Pristine world Achievement List

Winner Winner
Press X to Win
Beginner builder Beginner builder
Build 50 towers
Advance builder Advance builder
Build 250 towers
Veteran builder Veteran builder
Build 750 towers
The Great builder The Great builder
Build 1500 towers
Incredible builder Incredible builder
Build 5000 towers
Undead hunter Undead hunter
Destroy 10 monsters
Undead winner Undead winner
Destroy 500 monsters
Undead destroyer Undead destroyer
Destroy 2500 monsters
Undead scourge Undead scourge
Destroy 10000 monsters
Rich guy Rich guy
Earn 1000 gold from all games
Business on undead Business on undead
Earn 10000 gold from all games
Bone Tycoon Bone Tycoon
Earn 100000 gold from all games
Ingeneering expert Ingeneering expert
Upgrade 10 towers
Ingeneering master Ingeneering master
Upgrade 250 towers
Grand engeneer Grand engeneer
Upgrade 1000 towers
Power - in quantity Power – in quantity
Don’t use any upgrades completing the mission
The Great Project The Great Project
Build main building of your race
Spellcaster Spellcaster
Use 10 spells during 1 mission
Magophobia Magophobia
Complete mission without using spells
Master of water Master of water
Make 1000 mobs wet
Master of shock Master of shock
Shock 1000 mobs
Master of fire Master of fire
Set 1000 mobs aflame
Seller Seller
Sell 10 towers
Property agent Property agent
Sell 100 towers
The Great Seller The Great Seller
Sell 500 towers