Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again Achievement List

Steel Defender Steel Defender
Warrior saves King
Precision Defender Precision Defender
Archer saves King
Magic Defender Magic Defender
Mage saves King
May the Force be with you May the Force be with you
Start main Quest
Rank C Rank C
Get Rank C
Rank B Rank B
Get Rank B
Rank A Rank A
Get Rank A
Rank S Rank S
Get Rank S
Secretive Defender Secretive Defender
Rogue saves King
Holy Defender Holy Defender
Paladin saves King
This is Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again This is Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again
Die for the first time
My name is Begemot My name is Begemot
Make four deals with the cat in one run
Reference.exe Reference.exe
Find baby
Collector Collector
Collect 15 artifacts in one run
Friends! Friends!
Make a party!
Emerald Emerald
Collect 23 artifacts
Diamond Diamond
Collect 46 artifacts
Reference_2.exe Reference_2.exe
Burst in! Burst in!
Explode the door
Secret! Secret!
Find hidden place
Line one's pockets Line one’s pockets
Collect 3000G in one run
Rage! Rage!
Berserk saves King
Dark Defender Dark Defender
Necromancer saves King
Be Friends Be Friends
Press TAB in the main menu