Princess Battles Achievement List

Undercover Princess Undercover Princess
You have hidden your true identity.
Royal Wedding Royal Wedding
You have married a prince.
Into the Night Into the Night
You have eloped with a commoner.
Career Change Career Change
You have opened a school.
Archenemy Down Archenemy Down
You have won against Olivia.
Queen Queen
You have ascended the throne.
Princess of Darkness Princess of Darkness
You have faced a demon princess and won.
Unusual Upbringing Unusual Upbringing
You have learned about Olivia’s past.
Tough Lady Tough Lady
You have fought a bounty hunter.
Compliment or Insult? Compliment or Insult?
You have fought a visitor from the North.
Not One of Those Girls Not One of Those Girls
You have fought a general’s daughter.
Make it Clear Make it Clear
You have kissed a commoner.
Morganatic Wedding Morganatic Wedding
You have married a commoner.
Good Understanding Good Understanding
You have learned that somebody has been gathering information about you.
A Conspiracy of One A Conspiracy of One
You have kept secrets from Aurelia.
Keeping Record Keeping Record
You have learned that somebody has been keeping track of your progress.
Just No Just No
You have refused a marriage proposal twice.
Troublemaker Troublemaker
You have learned about Gerald’s past.
I Had a Reason I Had a Reason
You have learned about Lena’s motives.
Watch Those Stats Watch Those Stats
You have become a good ruler.
Unfair Exchange Unfair Exchange
You have traded cards on the black market.
More Fun More Fun
You have unlocked the Freeplay Mode!
Alternative Duel Alternative Duel
You have won a different kind of card game.
Conquer and Employ Conquer and Employ
You have put a rival to good use.
The Other Side The Other Side
You have experienced life as a commoner.
There Can Be Only One There Can Be Only One
You have defended your territory.
Reconciliation Reconciliation
You have improved your relationship.
Is that you? Is that you?
You have seen somebody’s true form.