Premium Pool Achievement List

On to Fame On to Fame
Win your first online match
Pool Ace Pool Ace
Win 5 online matches in a row
Domination Domination
Beat opponent in a match without them scoring
Two for One Two for One
Pocket two balls in one shot
Winning Spree Winning Spree
Get 6 hit streak
Combo Breaker Combo Breaker
Get 7 hit streak
Coin Hoarder Coin Hoarder
Collect 1,000,000 coins
Banker Banker
Collect 10 million coins
Lucky Lucky
Win a match when opponent pockets 8 ball prematurely
Cue Master Cue Master
Play 100 online matches
Epic Cue Master Epic Cue Master
Play 1000 online matches
Pool Master Pool Master
Win 10 matches in a row
Perfection Perfection
Win a game by pocketing all balls in a row in 8 Ball
World Tour World Tour
Play in 5 different locations
Cue Collector Cue Collector
Own 10 cues
Big League Player Big League Player
Play a tournament and claim rewards
Win a Tournament Win a Tournament
Achieve level 10 in a tournament
Clean Sweep Clean Sweep
Win a tournament without losing a match
Tournament Veteran Tournament Veteran
Play 100 matches in the tournament mode
Tournament Monster Tournament Monster
Play 500 matches in the tournament mode