Prelogate Achievement List

First Steps First Steps
Complete tutorial chapter
Halfway Through Halfway Through
Complete fifth chapter
The End The End
Complete the game
Infinity Infinity
Make logic circuit loop endlessly
Five Five
Solve II.4 using exactly five devices
Cleanliness Cleanliness
Find clean solution to III.4 without using Mixer
Easter Egg Easter Egg
Discover at least one of them
Two To The Ninth Two To The Ninth
Use 512 devices in your solutions
Over 9000 Over 9000
Do over 9000 total logic ticks in your solutions
270 Degrees 270 Degrees
Complete VII.3 with finite, total laser length exceeding 270 units
Wastage Wastage
Complete IX.6 with finite, total laser length exceeding 128 units
Optimization Optimization
Solve V.6 with less than 240 total logic ticks
Cleaner Cleaner
Find clean solution for every level in the game
Savings Savings
Complete chapter VI using less than 64 devices
Ten Ten
Solve VI.5 using exactly ten devices
Ghostbuster Ghostbuster
Don’t cross the beams in III.3