Prehistoric Tales Achievement List

Friendship Friendship
For making friends with a little greenskin.
Meeting the traders Meeting the traders
For starting trade relationships with neighboring tribes.
Hidden Cave Hidden Cave
For finding the arena of ancient battles.
Liberator Liberator
For rescuing the valley from the invasion of greenskins.
Educated Educated
For reaching level 10.
All-seeing All-seeing
For reaching level 15.
Enlightened Enlightened
For reaching level 25.
Dinosaur Hunter Dinosaur Hunter
For eliminating 250 dinosaurs.
Warrior Warrior
For winning 7 battles.
Invincible Warrior Invincible Warrior
For winning 20 battles.
Commander Commander
For winning 40 battles.
Trader Trader
For 70 exchanges with traders.
Trade Master Trade Master
For 200 exchanges with traders.
Builder Builder
For building 15 constructions in your settlement.
Engineer Engineer
For building 40 constructions in your settlement.
Farmer Farmer
For collecting 120 plants.
Healer Healer
For using 30 spells in battles.
Exorcist Exorcist
For using 70 spells in battles.
Finder Finder
For finding 15 artifacts and rare items.
Archeologist Archeologist
For finding 25 artifacts and rare items.