Pozzo Jello Crusade Achievement List

Justice Justice
Herbert roasts in hell for eternity…
All in a Day's Work All in a Day’s Work
The jello nightmare is over… Or is it?
Hidden Achievement
The Jellomaster The Jellomaster
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Ouuurrrggghhh! Ouuurrrggghhh!
Another “victim”…
Oh no! Oh no!
Better luck next time.
Trapped by the Imp Trapped by the Imp
Crestfallen by your own folly.
Kitchen of Broken Dreams Kitchen of Broken Dreams
Pick up the pieces.
Freezer of Lost Souls Freezer of Lost Souls
Will you join them..?
Dream Warrior Dream Warrior
Blessed by the Dream Angel.
Hopeless Wasteland Hopeless Wasteland
Believe in yourself.
Bohemian Grove Bohemian Grove
Secrets, chaos, and affairs.
The Putrid Tubes The Putrid Tubes
One way in… One way out…
Black Abyss Black Abyss
Gaze unto the abyss…
Belly of the Beast Belly of the Beast
Misery loves company.