Porcunipine Achievement List

Full House Full House
Play with 3 friends
Rainbow Coalition of Carnage Rainbow Coalition of Carnage
Play practice mode as every porcunipine
Travelling Porcunipine Travelling Porcunipine
Visit every arena in the game
Gather ‘round, kids! Gather ‘round, kids!
Kill 5 or more enemies with a single shot
Fast and Furious Fast and Furious
Kill the fastest wolverine
The Number The Number
Collect a total of 666 skulls in the practice mode
Teamwork Teamwork
Win a team game without ever killing your teammates
Outnumbered Outnumbered
Win a game against a team of 3
Undercover Undercover
Play as Blue porcunipine in Team Red or as Red porcunipine in Team Blue
The Red Devils The Red Devils
Collect 500 skulls playing for team Red
The Blue Whales The Blue Whales
Collect 500 skulls playing for team Blue
Gandhi Gandhi
Win a round of Last Man Standing without killing anyone
My precious My precious
Win a Last Man Standing game without ever breaking your helmet
Die Hard (Bruce Willys is bald too, you know) Die Hard (Bruce Willys is bald too, you know)
Finish an entire Last Man Standing game without dying
The Ultimate Play The Ultimate Play
Make a 3 players combo kill in Last Man Standing and win the round
Hoarders Hoarders
Play one minute in the Arena mode without collecting any skulls and dying
Mine is bigger Mine is bigger
Win an Arena game with at least 10 skulls more than the other players
John Connor John Connor
Win an Arena game against 3 bots
Kill all 4 players (yes, including yourself) with a single shot
Last Wish Last Wish
Kill a player while dead
Randomly checked Randomly checked
Kill the Blue porcunipine 100 times
Rock’n’Roller Rock’n’Roller
Kill a player 10 times by bouncing a shot off a rock
Mummy said so Mummy said so
Die inside the Pyramid
Barbershop Barbershop
Make 2 close calls on different players with a single shot
Don’t move or they’ll see you! Don’t move or they’ll see you!
Stand still for 15 seconds
Land ho! Land ho!
Stand in the snow area for 15 seconds straight in the Ice Age level
Shapeshifter Shapeshifter
Activate switches 100 times in a round
Chinese eyes Chinese eyes
Get stoned by a falling boulder at 4:20 pm
Ludum Dare! Ludum Dare!
Reach 48 hours of play time
Ok, go play outside now Ok, go play outside now
Earn every achievement in the game