Police Tactics: Imperio Achievement List

Four Musketeers Four Musketeers
Employ four officers simultaneously.
A Set Of Wheels A Set Of Wheels
Purchase a vehicle.
Dirty dozen Dirty dozen
Have 12 employees in your HQ.
I'm in the story! I’m in the story!
Finish a Story mission.
Les Miserables Les Miserables
Fail to solve 10 cases.
Doing Okay Doing Okay
Solve 25 cases (including story missions).
Expanding Expanding
Unlock the second district.
The Big Boss The Big Boss
Unlock all districts in the city.
Making Space Making Space
Upgrade a room to maximum level.
I like perks I like perks
Purchase a bonus room.
Maximized Efficiency Maximized Efficiency
Fill all bonus slots.
Full house Full house
Upgrade all rooms to maximum level and fill all bonus slots.
The Big Comeback The Big Comeback
Solve a case after your Investigators failed to gather evidence.
Fast and a bit furious Fast and a bit furious
Respond to a crime in under 15 seconds.
Hawkeye Hawkeye
Arrest a group of criminals while they are on the way to commit a crime.
Safe space Safe space
Raise the average safety of your unlocked districts above 99%.
Not a racing game Not a racing game
Catch a speeding vehicle with a camera van.
Slow motion Slow motion
Remove 5 speeding areas.
Kingpin Kingpin
Remove a Crime Ring by arresting its leaders.
Disorganized Crime Disorganized Crime
Remove 3 Crime Rings.
Not on my watch Not on my watch
Remove crime ring under 180 seconds.
No escape No escape
End a car chase under 20 seconds.
Roadblocked Roadblocked
Stop an escaping car with a roadblock.
The end The end
Finish the Story.
Not what I expected Not what I expected
Fail a story mission
Promotion Promotion
Promote a rookie to an Officer.
We believe we can fly We believe we can fly
Own 3 helicopters simultaneously.
Photo Booth Photo Booth
Obtain a Speeding Camera Van.
Where to park? Where to park?
Own 12 police cars simultaneously.
Doing Great Doing Great
Solve 100 cases (including story missions).
Doing too well Doing too well
Solve 250 cases (including story missions).
Hell on earth Hell on earth
Lower the average safety of your unlocked districts below 10%.