Plith Achievement List

First puzzle First puzzle
Finish the first puzzle.
First world First world
Complete the first world.
Second world Second world
Complete the second world.
Third world Third world
Complete the third world.
Fourth world Fourth world
Complete the fourth world.
Fifth world Fifth world
Complete the fifth world.
Small gear Small gear
Use a small gear first time.
Middle gear Middle gear
Use a middle gear first time.
Big gear Big gear
Use a big gear first time.
100 gears 100 gears
Place 100 gears.
500 gears 500 gears
Place 500 gears.
First bomb First bomb
Destroy a gear with dynamite first time.
Ten bombs Ten bombs
Destroy 10 gears.
50 bombs 50 bombs
Destroy 50 gears.
Perfect Perfect
Complete the game without losing in any level.
Non-stop Non-stop
Start a new game and complete it without saving/closing the game.