Playing History 3 – Vikings Achievement List

Hammer time! Hammer time!
Collect 1 hammer
Hammershark Hammershark
Collect 5 hammers
Aesir fan Aesir fan
Choose 3 Aesir deities
Vox Vanir Vox Vanir
Choose 3 Vanir deities
Religion shopper Religion shopper
Choose Christianity as your religion
Drill sergeant Drill sergeant
Beat Tjorvi in a sparring session
Lord of War Lord of War
Beat Olaf in a sparring session
Battle scarred Battle scarred
Defeat Lothar in combat
Child's play Child’s play
Defeat Bjorn in combat
Final fight Final fight
Defeat Bjorn in combat a second time
Seer Seer
Do 1 chrono bust
Farseer Farseer
Do 4 chrono busts
Oracle Oracle
Do ALL chrono busts
Sword found Sword found
Find the sword
Sword is back Sword is back
Find the sword. Again
Welcome Welcome
Complete chapter 1
Love and war Love and war
Complete chapter 2
Prison break Prison break
Complete chapter 3
Homesick Homesick
Complete chapter 4
End of an Era End of an Era
Complete chapter 5
Valentine Viking Valentine Viking
Reveal your feelings towards your loved one
Found a penny Found a penny
Collect 10 % of all coins
Coinnoiseur Coinnoiseur
Collect 25 % of all coins
Coin collector Coin collector
Collect 50 % of all coins
God of Coins God of Coins
Collect 100 % of all coins
Archeologist Archeologist
Inspect an item or a person
Inspector Worsaae Inspector Worsaae
Inspect 20 items or persons