Planetship Achievement List

SpaceFarer SpaceFarer
Traveled to 100 star systems
Galactic Frontiersperson Galactic Frontiersperson
Warped through 100 galaxies
Hot Shootin' Hot Shootin’
Destroyed 50 enemy ships in one playthrough
Quicker Draw Quicker Draw
Outshoot 50 turrets in one playthrough
!Kablowwww! !Kablowwww!
Light 10 pockets of space gas on fire in one playthrough
Learned One Learned One
Collect 20 books
Lock N' Loader Lock N’ Loader
Have 10 weapons equipped at the same time
Handy Brain Handy Brain
Craft 20 items from schematics
Odyssey's End Odyssey’s End
Discovered and colonized a habitable planet
Astral Traveler Astral Traveler
You have been witnessed by the omniscient eye