Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense Achievement List

Call the Doctor! Call the Doctor!
Romance Mira playing as Alex
Geek Love Geek Love
Romance Mizuki playing as Alex
Majestic Sunrise Majestic Sunrise
Romance Rigel playing as Alex
Fight for Me Fight for Me
Romance Samuel playing as Alex
A Rose by Any Other Name A Rose by Any Other Name
Romance Charlotte playing as Diana
Moonlit Picnic Moonlit Picnic
Romance Graciela playing as Diana
Robot Massage Robot Massage
Romance Lucius playing as Diana
Table for Two Table for Two
Romance Xavier playing as Diana
Knighting Knighting
Unlock the knighting scene
Head Hunter Head Hunter
Unlock the Head Hunter ending CG
Solidarity Solidarity
Unlock the Solidarity ending CG
Puppeteer Puppeteer
Unlock the Puppeteer ending CG
Heart's Desire Heart’s Desire
Unlock the extra Mira scene playing as Alex
Alien Beguilement Alien Beguilement
Unlock the extra Shiler scene playing as Alex
Mission Accomplished! Mission Accomplished!
Complete ALL the NPC side missions!
Avid Reader Avid Reader
Complete the game in Visual Novel Mode
Thank You Thank You
Play the credits until the end
Maradan Lover Maradan Lover
Warn the Maradans in mission 10
Honor Among Rebels Honor Among Rebels
Warn the Rebels in Mission 10
Warmonger Warmonger
Fight everyone in Mission 21
Jealousy Jealousy
Trigger a jealousy scene while talking with Shiler in Scene 21
Valiant Defender Valiant Defender
Choose to stay and defend the colony in Scene 25
Bloodhound Bloodhound
Choose to chase Shiler in Scene 25
Melting Down Melting Down
Win the final battle
The Big Scoop! The Big Scoop!
Romance Lola playing as Alex
Dance Moves Dance Moves
Romance Lola playing as Diana
Rebel with a Cause! Rebel with a Cause!
Romance Kaden playing as Alex
Rebellious Heart! Rebellious Heart!
Romance Kaden playing as Diana
Squeaky Clean! Squeaky Clean!
Romance Galina playing as Alex
Winning Hand! Winning Hand!
Romance Galina playing as Diana
Thief of Your Heart Thief of Your Heart
Romance Christophe playing as Alex
Chained Love Chained Love
Romance Christophe playing as Diana