Planet of the Eyes Achievement List

Wreckage Wreckage
No way back.
Spiderbot Spiderbot
Spider-bot, spider-bot…
Shock Therapy Shock Therapy
It’ll learn.
Jump for Fun Jump for Fun
Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head.
Bottom of the Pool Bottom of the Pool
Darkest depths.
Death From Above Death From Above
Should’ve kept an eye out.
Running into Walls Running into Walls
Sometimes, a hidden passage opens up.
End of the Tunnel End of the Tunnel
Explore the dead end.
Secret Pipe Secret Pipe
Oldest trick in the book.
Laser Survivor Laser Survivor
Making light of the situation.
Lava Forever Lava Forever
Energy Room Energy Room
Have a rest. Now carry on.
Boogie Time Boogie Time
Just dance.
The End The End