Pizza Express Achievement List

Don't Know Much About Algebra Don’t Know Much About Algebra
Serve 314 pies throughout your career.
Irrationality Is Good Irrationality Is Good
Serve 1592 pies throughout your career.
A Round of Perfection A Round of Perfection
Serve 6535 pies throughout your career.
The World Works in Circle The World Works in Circle
Serve 15750 pies throughout your career.
A Constant in Life A Constant in Life
Serve 31415 pies throughout your career.
Getting the Hang of It Getting the Hang of It
Complete 27 orders throughout your career.
The Customer's Always right The Customer’s Always right
Complete 182 orders throughout your career.
The Order of the Day The Order of the Day
Complete 818 orders throughout your career.
Consistency is Key Consistency is Key
Complete 2845 orders throughout your career.
A Transcendental Number A Transcendental Number
Complete 9045 orders throughout your career.
Semestral Intake Semestral Intake
Deliver 360000 calories in pizzas.
Triennial Intake Triennial Intake
Deliver 2190000 calories in pizzas.
Decennial Intake Decennial Intake
Deliver 7300000 calories in pizzas.
Twenty-five Years of Pizza Twenty-five Years of Pizza
Deliver 18250000 calories in pizzas.
Quadruple Bypass Quadruple Bypass
Deliver 36500000 calories in pizzas.
Learning Perfection Learning Perfection
Get a personal A 6 times throughout your career.
Practice Makes Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Get a personal A 28 times throughout your career.
Your Lucky Prime of Life Your Lucky Prime of Life
Get a personal A 67 times throughout your career.
Squaring Things Away Squaring Things Away
Get a personal A 229 times throughout your career.
A Perfect Number A Perfect Number
Get a personal A 496 times throughout your career.
Perfection Learnt Perfection Learnt
Get your first personal S.
Supersingular Maestry Supersingular Maestry
Get a personal S 5 times throughout your career.
A Very Positive Integer A Very Positive Integer
Get a personal S 17 times throughout your career.
Not the Answer to Everything Not the Answer to Everything
Get a personal S 41 times throughout your career.
The Cult of Personality The Cult of Personality
Get a personal S 83 times throughout your career.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Earn a total of 1000000 Zunnics.
It's C0FFEE Break Time It’s C0FFEE Break Time
Earn a total of 12648430 Zunnics.
One Coin Per Second One Coin Per Second
Earn a total of 31536000 Zunnics.
Building a Fortune Building a Fortune
Earn a total of 77777777 Zunnics.
Can't Factorize This Can’t Factorize This
Earn a total of 179424673 Zunnics.
Harmonic Divisions Harmonic Divisions
Invest 753480 Zunnics in your restaurant.
Infinite Expenses Infinite Expenses
Invest 8000000 Zunnics in your restaurant.
Partitioning the Budget Partitioning the Budget
Invest 27644437 Zunnics in your restaurant.
Maya Million Maya Million
Invest 64000000 Zunnics in your restaurant.
Pandigital Payouts Pandigital Payouts
Invest 123456789 Zunnics in your restaurant.
It's Better to Receive It’s Better to Receive
Receive a total of 55440 Zunnics in tips.
Composite Gratitude Composite Gratitude
Receive a total of 720720 Zunnics in tips.
Superior Generosity Superior Generosity
Receive a total of 1441440 Zunnics in tips.
Highly Superior Generosity Highly Superior Generosity
Receive a total of 4324320 Zunnics in tips.
Colossally Abundant Tips Colossally Abundant Tips
Receive a total of 21621600 Zunnics in tips.
Welcome to the South Welcome to the South
Play on your profile for the first time.
Tarantella Dance Tarantella Dance
Play on your profile on 3 different days.
The Sound of a Mandolin The Sound of a Mandolin
Play on your profile on 7 different days.
The Warmth of the Sun The Warmth of the Sun
Play on your profile on 15 different days.
A Feast of Pizza A Feast of Pizza
Play on your profile on 31 different days.
One by One! One by One!
Spend an hour playing Pizza Express.
Medal Number Two! Medal Number Two!
Spend 2 hours playing Pizza Express.
Rule of Three! Rule of Three!
Spend 6 hours playing Pizza Express.
Here Comes Number Four! Here Comes Number Four!
Spend 24 hours playing Pizza Express.
And They're Finally Five! And They’re Finally Five!
Spend 120 hours playing Pizza Express.
Getting Popular Getting Popular
Max out the restaurant’s popularity.
Getting Fancy Getting Fancy
Max out the restaurant’s chicness.
Spoilt for Choice Spoilt for Choice
Unlock all ingredients.
Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Excellence
Get a restaurant evaluation of S.
Smoked the Competition Smoked the Competition
Deservedly win the F.L.A.B. competition.
One Thousand Joyful Pies One Thousand Joyful Pies
Deliver 1000 pizzas in a row without making mistakes.
Pizza Express Pizza Express
Record a global waiting score of 98 or better at the end of the month.
Perfection Does Exist Perfection Does Exist
Reach a perfect score of 999.
Feynman Point Feynman Point
Generate an income of at least 999999 Zunnics in a single day.
Mythical Beasts Mythical Beasts
Receive a score penalty and win F.L.A.B. competition nevertheless.
The Start of a Long Career The Start of a Long Career
Complete your first working day.
Halfway There Halfway There
Celebrate 15 days of activity.
Code Blue! Code Blue!
Rush to the hospital.
The Great Scandal The Great Scandal
Witness a massive scandal.
A Beastl(é)y Scandal A Beastl(é)y Scandal
Find out about a scandal which involves a world famous food brand.
Bad Things Come in Threes Bad Things Come in Threes
Take note of the umpteenth scandal.
Down the Drain Down the Drain
Witness the murder of an innocent pizza.
The Same Old Cliché The Same Old Cliché
Survive an encounter with a dangerous outlaw.
Paying the Pizzo in Pizza Paying the Pizzo in Pizza
Get in big trouble with the Famia.
Trying Your Luck Trying Your Luck
Play the lottery.
Hope Springs Eternal Hope Springs Eternal
File bankruptcy and receive a second chance to redeem yourself.
Health Freak Approved Health Freak Approved
Bring Gastone a nutritionally balanced meal.
The Way to a Lady's Heart The Way to a Lady’s Heart
Win a kind nurse’s heart.
Nut Breaking Quack Nut Breaking Quack
Get penalized following the inspection of a certain doctor.
The Punisher The Punisher
Observe how Lucky takes care of troublemakers.
Crime Has a Name Crime Has a Name
Give the police an identikit which allows them to identify beyond doubt your persecutor.
A Chilling Truth A Chilling Truth
Listen to Vit’s confession.
A Thorny Problem A Thorny Problem
Find out the reason behind the inspections of a certain somebody.
False Advertising False Advertising
End up in trouble because of not-so-truthful reviews.
Frozen Escargot Frozen Escargot
Watch Lucky go behind bars.
Repetita Non Iuvant Repetita Non Iuvant
Receive a second penalty for reasons identical to the first.
An Offer You Can't Refuse An Offer You Can’t Refuse
Get allied with the Famia.
What Goes Around Comes Around What Goes Around Comes Around
Successfully seek revenge.
The Truth Is Hard to Swallow The Truth Is Hard to Swallow
Cause the arrest of a questionable acquaintance.
Cat Jerky Cat Jerky
Watch Gastone’s dreams vanish.
Truth Shall Prevail Truth Shall Prevail
Tell how things really are to the competent authorithy.
Settling the Score Settling the Score
Win a challenge proposed by your rival.
The Worst of Vices The Worst of Vices
Show extreme ingratitude to who saved you from bankruptcy.
The Climb to Success The Climb to Success
Win a GraterChef challenge.
Checkered Flag Checkered Flag
Complete the story.
Ubi Concordea, Ibi Victoria Ubi Concordea, Ibi Victoria
Break the sound barrier.
Heroes by Chance Heroes by Chance
Receive a Medal of Merit.
An Unexpected Turn of Events An Unexpected Turn of Events
Win the F.L.A.B. competition without finishing in first place.
An Unpleasant Guest An Unpleasant Guest
Complain about a delicious entrée.
A New Career? A New Career?
Listen to Lucky’s crazy proposal.
Piecing the Puzzle Together Piecing the Puzzle Together
Find out the whole story behind Gastone’s past.
A Golden Grater A Golden Grater
Ace all GraterChef challenges.
Total Annihilation Total Annihilation
Dominate every challenge proposed by your rival.
The Last Shall Be First The Last Shall Be First
Come in last place but win the F.L.A.B. competition anyway.
Towards New Horizons Towards New Horizons
Take off with all your friends for a refreshing holiday.
Licence to Pizza Licence to Pizza
Complete Gastone’s tutorial.
Throwing Money into the Bin Throwing Money into the Bin
Make 101010 mistakes in one single day yet manage not to file bankruptcy.
It's Better to Give It’s Better to Give
Pay a customer for having your pizza eaten.
Wasting Your Time Wasting Your Time
Spend a whole hour with an empty restaurant.
10 Seconds for 10 Pizzas 10 Seconds for 10 Pizzas
Serve ten pizzas in ten seconds.
The Devil Wears Camo The Devil Wears Camo
Abound with capsaicin.
Turkish Pepper Turkish Pepper
Make a customer happy going easy on the salt.
The Pressure Goes Up The Pressure Goes Up
Load up a pizza with sodium.
No Lactase No Party No Lactase No Party
Don’t let a special customer get near dairy products.
Philosophical Thoughts Philosophical Thoughts
Offer ethically correct pizzas.
Still Life with Pizza Still Life with Pizza
Inspire an artist by offering him the pizza he has always dreamt of.
Pizza Boombastic Pizza Boombastic
Make a pizza collapse under the weight of its ingredients.
Allegro Non Troppo Allegro Non Troppo
Make a customer happy with a springlike pie.
Fit for a Prince Fit for a Prince
Delight the taste buds of a sophisticated customer.
Umami? Oh, Mama! Umami? Oh, Mama!
Serve a work of edible art.
Making the Boss Happy Making the Boss Happy
Make Gastone’s favourite pizza.
Lucky the Gastropod Lucky the Gastropod
Make Lucky’s favourite pizza.
Know Your Enemy Know Your Enemy
Make Vit’s favourite pizza.
Experimenting With Flavours Experimenting With Flavours
Make De Cavidi’s favourite pizza.
Zeta Reticuli Zeta Reticuli
Decode a mysterious message and follow its instructions.
In the Heat of the Oven In the Heat of the Oven
Actively play in Challenge Mode for one hour.
An Amicable Opponent An Amicable Opponent
Actively play in Challenge Mode for 2 hours.
Deficiency in Experience Deficiency in Experience
Actively play in Challenge Mode for 7 hours.
Still Slighty Defective Still Slighty Defective
Actively play in Challenge Mode for 16 hours.
A Perfect Pizza Maker A Perfect Pizza Maker
Actively play in Challenge Mode for 28 hours.
Attract Mode Attract Mode
Complete one game in Arcade Mode.
Insert Coin to Continue Insert Coin to Continue
Complete 10 games in Arcade Mode.
Shortage of Coins Shortage of Coins
Complete 25 games in Arcade Mode.
The Golden Age of Arcade Games The Golden Age of Arcade Games
Complete 100 games in Arcade Mode.
Arcade Perfect Arcade Perfect
Complete 250 games in Arcade Mode.
As Soft As Talc As Soft As Talc
Play one game in Endurance Mode.
Calcified Bronze Calcified Bronze
Play 9 games in Endurance Mode.
Fluorescent Fluorite Fluorescent Fluorite
Play 21 games in Endurance Mode.
Crystals of Orthoclase Crystals of Orthoclase
Play 72 games in Endurance Mode.
Topaz Gemstones Topaz Gemstones
Play 200 games in Endurance Mode.
A Convenient Extension A Convenient Extension
Extend your games in Arcade Mode by 3 minutes.
A Powerful Extension A Powerful Extension
Extend your games in Arcade Mode by 9 minutes.
A Composite Extension A Composite Extension
Extend your games in Arcade Mode by 27 minutes.
Squaring the Extension Up Squaring the Extension Up
Extend your games in Arcade Mode by 84 minutes.
An Evil Amount of Extra Time An Evil Amount of Extra Time
Extend your games in Arcade Mode by 243 minutes.
Down to Earth Down to Earth
Activate Prowess for the first time in Endurance Mode.
An Unstoppable Cyclone An Unstoppable Cyclone
Use Prowess 12 times in Endurance Mode.
Dancing with a Hula Hoop Dancing with a Hula Hoop
Use Prowess 29 times in Endurance Mode.
Enriched Uranus Enriched Uranus
Use Prowess 84 times in Endurance Mode.
Noticeable Eccentricity Noticeable Eccentricity
Use Prowess 248 times in Endurance Mode.
A Celebratory Pizza Slice A Celebratory Pizza Slice
Get a Pizza Combo of at least x100.
Quick Service Restaurant Quick Service Restaurant
Get an Order Combo of at least x50.
Perfect Timing Perfect Timing
Refill 3 containers in a row without incurring into penalties.
A Rational Approximation A Rational Approximation
Get a total multiplier of at least x2.27 in any game mode.
Precarious Equilibrium Precarious Equilibrium
Lose all your tables but one in Arcade Mode.
Climbing Up the Mountains Climbing Up the Mountains
Run your pizzeria for at least 8:13.9 minutes in Endurance Mode.
Under Constant Pressure Under Constant Pressure
Successfully handle 9 orders at once in Endurance Mode.
222299 Tries Later 222299 Tries Later
Score at least 888888 points in Arcade Mode.
Feynman Point: Part II Feynman Point: Part II
Make a mistake yet manage to score 999999 points in Arcade Mode.
Totally Turbocharged Totally Turbocharged
Activate Prowess 7 times during a single game in Endurance Mode.
The Free Encyclopedia The Free Encyclopedia
Chat with Lucky to expand your knowledge.
Participating Is What Counts Participating Is What Counts
Record a score in Arcade Mode and one in Endurance Mode.
Vital Shock Vital Shock
Activate Prowess with one single Reputation Point left.
Keep Your Friends Close Keep Your Friends Close
Distract Lucky from her favourite game.
Tough Like a Diamond Tough Like a Diamond
Complete an at least 10 minute long game in Endurance Mode with 30 pizzas in your menu.