Pixelscape: Oceans Achievement List

Dip Your Toe Dip Your Toe
Save your first Pixelscape with at least 50 objects
Time Sink Time Sink
Play Pixelscape Oceans for an hour straight
Lost At Sea Lost At Sea
Play Pixelscape Oceans for 534 minutes total.
4 All Sea-sons 4 All Sea-sons
Save a pixelscape in all 4 unique light settings.
Sea to Sea Sea to Sea
Upload a complete pixelscape to the Steam Workshop
The Kitchen Sink The Kitchen Sink
Place over 20,000 objects total.
Fatlantis Fatlantis
Save a Pixelscape with at least 2500 objects.
Ocean Conservationist Ocean Conservationist
Save a populated Pixelscape in all 12 available slots.
Marine Biologist Marine Biologist
Save a Pixelscape with every available living creature with all settings at maximum.
Depths of Imagination Depths of Imagination
Unlock every other achievement.
H-2-Old H-2-Old
Create and save a complete Pixelscape over the included example.
Turtles All The Way Down Turtles All The Way Down
Witness a rare turtle event. No fish invited!