PIXELMAN Achievement List

Slalom Apprentice Slalom Apprentice
Go between 50 rockets
Slalom Master Slalom Master
Go between 200 rockets
Living Punchbag Living Punchbag
Hit by rockets, bombs or TNT 10 times in one gameplay
Ninja Apprentice Ninja Apprentice
Cross an entire tunnel in the dark
Ninja Master Ninja Master
Cross 10 entire tunnels in the dark in total
Turn The Other Cheek Turn The Other Cheek
Hit by two bombs from the same plane… and survive!
In The Zone In The Zone
Survive for 5 minutes in one gameplay
Fried Hero Fried Hero
Hit by lasers for more than 20 seconds in total
Our Hero Our Hero
Rescue 2000 Citizens
From Zero... From Zero…
Unlock your first podium
...To Hero …To Hero
Unlock all podiums
Bird Watcher Bird Watcher
Pass through 100 trees
Its Stuck In My Head Its Stuck In My Head
You’ve heard the PIXELMAN theme 4 times in one gameplay
Can't Touch This Can’t Touch This
You’ve reached 2000 points without being hit by anything in one gameplay
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage
You’ve destroyed a building!
Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball
You’ve destroyed 3 buildings in a row!
Combo Master Combo Master
You’ve rescued 40 citizens in a row in one gameplay
Its Over 9000 Its Over 9000
You’ve made more than 9000 points in one game
Pay Back Pay Back
Take down 20 enemy planes using Powerups
Girl Power Girl Power
Rescue 100 girls in total using Pixelgirl