Pixel Star Achievement List

Soft Shell Soft Shell
Destroy Torktus SS
Depth Perception, Pal Depth Perception, Pal
Destroy the Beholder
Hard Slugger Hard Slugger
Destroy the Slurm
Electrolytes Electrolytes
Destroy Static II
Follow the Rainbow Follow the Rainbow
Chase a rainbow for awhile
So Warm... So Warm…
Crash into a star
Attack of the Drones Attack of the Drones
Have a ridiculous number of drones
Maximize lasers
Maintain Turbo for 15 seconds
Behind 7 Proxies Behind 7 Proxies
Maximize shield defense
Fail Mastery Fail Mastery
Die 100 times
Can't Stop Me Now Can’t Stop Me Now
Survive for 20 minutes
Combo Buster Combo Buster
Obtain the maximum score multiplier
99 Thousand Problems 99 Thousand Problems
Reach 99,000 points in one run
Millionaire Millionaire
Reach 1,000,000 points in one run
Winner Winner
Defeat all bosses in one run
Super Winner Super Winner
Defeat all bosses without taking damage