Pixel Galaxy Achievement List

Master of the Galaxy Master of the Galaxy
Collect all achievements
Pixel Recruit Pixel Recruit
Complete Tutorial 1
Pixel Specialist Pixel Specialist
Complete Tutorial 2
The Easiest Challenge The Easiest Challenge
Defeat Easiest
An Easier Challenge An Easier Challenge
Defeat Easier
That Was Easy That Was Easy
Defeat Easy
Just a Normal Day Just a Normal Day
Defeat Normal
Even More Normal Even More Normal
Defeat Normaler
That's Not Normal! That’s Not Normal!
Defeat Normalest
Easiest Dodging Easiest Dodging
Defeat Passive Easiest
Easier Dodging Easier Dodging
Defeat Passive Easier
Easy Dodging Easy Dodging
Defeat Passive Easy
Normal Dodging Normal Dodging
Defeat Passive Normal
Skillful Dodging Skillful Dodging
Defeat Passive Normaler
How Did You Survive? How Did You Survive?
Defeat Passive Normalest
Easiest Long Lasting Easiest Long Lasting
Get to 1000 secs on Easiest
From Pixel To Galaxy From Pixel To Galaxy
Defeat the Galaxy on Easiest
The Pixel The Pixel
Defeat The Pixel
The Blackhole The Blackhole
Defeat The Blackhole
The Baron The Baron
Defeat The Baron
The Disease The Disease
Defeat The Disease
The Radiance The Radiance
Defeat The Radiance
The Chariot The Chariot
Defeat The Chariot
The Sonar The Sonar
Defeat The Sonar
The Coward The Coward
Defeat The Coward
The Rainbow The Rainbow
Defeat The Rainbow
The Blade The Blade
Defeat The Blade
The Nova The Nova
Defeat The Nova
The Arcade The Arcade
Defeat The Arcade
The Framework The Framework
Defeat The Framework
The Serpent The Serpent
Defeat The Serpent
The Storm The Storm
Defeat The Storm
The Blossom The Blossom
Defeat The Blossom
The Galaxy The Galaxy
Defeat The Galaxy
Defender Of The Galaxy Defender Of The Galaxy
Defeat all bosses
Gladiator Gladiator
Defeat a boss in Colosseum Mode
Gladiatorer Gladiatorer
Defeat half of the bosses in Colosseum Mode
Gladiatorest Gladiatorest
Defeat all of the bosses in Colosseum Mode
Pixel Pusher Pixel Pusher
Defeat the Pixel in record time in Colosseum Mode
Void Vanquisher Void Vanquisher
Defeat the Blackhole in record time in Colosseum Mode
Robber Baron Robber Baron
Defeat the Baron in record time in Colosseum Mode
Disease Destroyer Disease Destroyer
Defeat the Disease in record time in Colosseum Mode
Radiant Rival Radiant Rival
Defeat the Radiance in record time in Colosseum Mode
Chariot Champion Chariot Champion
Defeat the Chariot in record time in Colosseum Mode
Sonar Soldier Sonar Soldier
Defeat the Sonar in record time in Colosseum Mode
Coward Contender Coward Contender
Defeat the Coward in record time in Colosseum Mode
Rainbow Raider Rainbow Raider
Defeat the Rainbow in record time in Colosseum Mode
Blade Basher Blade Basher
Defeat the Blade in record time in Colosseum Mode
Nova Knight Nova Knight
Defeat the Nova in record time in Colosseum Mode
Arcade Avenger Arcade Avenger
Defeat the Arcade in record time in Colosseum Mode
Framework Fighter Framework Fighter
Defeat the Framework in record time in Colosseum Mode
Serpent Slayer Serpent Slayer
Defeat the Serpent in record time in Colosseum
Storm Chaser Storm Chaser
Defeat the Storm in record time in Colosseum
Blossom Butcher Blossom Butcher
Defeat the Blossom in record time in Colosseum
Galaxy Guardian Galaxy Guardian
Defeat the Galaxy in record time in Colosseum
Whoops Whoops
Restart 10 Times
Once More With Feeling Once More With Feeling
Restart 100 Times
Persistence is Pixel Persistence is Pixel
Restart 1000 Times
It's a Hit! It’s a Hit!
Destroy 100 pixels
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Destroy 500 pixels
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter
Destroy 1000 pixels
Savy Sniper Savy Sniper
Destroy 2000 pixels
Master Marksman Master Marksman
Destroy 5000 pixels
Ace Assassin Ace Assassin
Destroy 10000 pixels
Deadshot Devil Deadshot Devil
Destroy 50000 pixels
Pixel Executioner Pixel Executioner
Destroy 100000 pixels
You've Got Pixels You’ve Got Pixels
Collect 100 pixels
The Buddy System The Buddy System
Collect 500 pixels
Friends Forever Friends Forever
Collect 1000 pixels
Companion Quads Companion Quads
Collect 2000 pixels
Pixel Hoarder Pixel Hoarder
Collect 5000 pixels
So Many Pixels So Many Pixels
Collect 10000 pixels
All the Pixels All the Pixels
Collect 20000 pixels
Everything Is Pixel Everything Is Pixel
Collect 50000 pixels
Speedy Quick Speedy Quick
Have 10 Speed Pixels on your ship
Fast as Lightning Fast as Lightning
Have 20 Speed Pixels on your ship
Invincible Invincible
Have 10 Shield Pixels on your ship
Can't Touch This Can’t Touch This
Have 20 Shield Pixels on your ship
Go Team Pixel! Go Team Pixel!
Build a ship 111 pixels big
We Are the Galaxy! We Are the Galaxy!
Build a ship 150 pixels big
Sleek and Narrow Sleek and Narrow
Build a ship 10 pixels long
Spanning the Galaxy Spanning the Galaxy
Build a ship 20 pixels long
ShipShape ShipShape
Build a perfect 3×3 square ship
ShipShaper ShipShaper
Build a 7×1 ship
ShipShapest ShipShapest
Build a perfect cross ship
New Low Score! New Low Score!
Die within ten seconds
You're Supposed to AVOID Bullets You’re Supposed to AVOID Bullets
Die within five seconds
Rekt Rekt
Die to a Bomb
Shrect Shrect
Die to a Bullet Barrier
Slicy Sabre Slicy Sabre
Collect a firestick
Dual Bladed Dual Bladed
Collect a double-sword
Tunnel of Love Tunnel of Love
Collect a bullet tunnel
Bzzzzaaaauuuu! Bzzzzaaaauuuu!
Collect a laser
Gimme a Hug! Gimme a Hug!
Collect a pincher
Savy Spinner Savy Spinner
Rotate 50 Times in a game
Maneuvering Master Maneuvering Master
Rotate 200 Times in a game
Pixel Patience Pixel Patience
Time out a boss
Knock Out! Knock Out!
Kill a boss in 5 seconds
Don't Need No Friends Don’t Need No Friends
Get to a boss with less than 10 pixels
Fifty Fifty Fifty Fifty
Stay over 50 pixels large for 50 seconds
Sizable Ship Sizable Ship
Build a ship to 100 pixels on Easiest
Broad Barge Broad Barge
Build a ship to 80 pixels on Easier
Powerful Plane Powerful Plane
Build a ship to 75 pixels on Easy
Vast Vessel Vast Vessel
Build a ship to 60 pixels on Normal
Colossal Craft Colossal Craft
Build a ship to 50 pixels on Normaler
Advanced Aircraft Advanced Aircraft
Build a ship to 30 pixels on Normalest
Cannonball! Cannonball!
Collect a large bullet weapon
Tsssssssssss Tsssssssssss
Collect a divider
From Easier to Normal From Easier to Normal
Get to 400 seconds on Easier
From Easy to Normaler From Easy to Normaler
Get to 400 seconds on Easy
From Normal to Normaler From Normal to Normaler
Get to 200 seconds on Normal
From Normaler to Normalest From Normaler to Normalest
Get to 200 seconds on Normaler
From Normalest to Infinity From Normalest to Infinity
Get to 200 seconds on Normalest
Pixel Undertime Pixel Undertime
Get a total score of 1000 seconds
Stop! Pixel Time Stop! Pixel Time
Get a total score of 2000 seconds
Pixel Now and Forever Pixel Now and Forever
Get a total score of 3000 seconds
The Mimic The Mimic
Defeat The Mimic
Mimic Maniac Mimic Maniac
Defeat the Mimic in record time in Colosseum
The Destruction The Destruction
Defeat The Destruction
Feel the Rush Feel the Rush
Get halfway through Boss Rush
Crush the Rush Crush the Rush
Complete Boss Rush
Pixel Pacifist Pixel Pacifist
Complete all Passive difficulties
Destruction Defender Destruction Defender
Defeat the Destruction in record time in Colosseum
Creation Cavalier Creation Cavalier
Defeat the Creation in record time in Colosseum
The Creation The Creation
Defeat The Creation
Pixel Purgatory Pixel Purgatory
Get a total score of 2500 seconds
Pixel Overtime Pixel Overtime
Get a total score of 1500 seconds