Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon Achievement List

Obtain 150 Coins
Gain Pixel Powers Gain Pixel Powers
Enter the Dungeon and receive your Pixel Powers
Treasure Trove Treasure Trove
Open 10 treasure chests
Treasure Trump Treasure Trump
Open 100 treasure chests
Crammed Keychain Crammed Keychain
Pickup a total of 100 keys
Keymaster Keymaster
Hold 15 keys at a single time.
Death becomes you Death becomes you
Die 100 times
Act 1 Complete Act 1 Complete
Complete Act 1 up to the first boss
Act 2 Complete Act 2 Complete
Complete Act 2 up to the first boss
Act 3 Complete Act 3 Complete
Complete Act 3 up to the first boss
Act 4 Complete Act 4 Complete
Complete Act 4 up to the first boss
The Oscar The Oscar
Complete all Acts
Boss 1 Defeated Boss 1 Defeated
Defeat Moby Richard
Boss 2 Defeated Boss 2 Defeated
Defeat Frank Indadark
Boss 3 Defeated Boss 3 Defeated
Defeat Penta Vultis
Boss 4 Defeated Boss 4 Defeated
Defeat the Final Boss
Who's the boss man now dog? Who’s the boss man now dog?
Defeat all four bosses in the game.
Obtain 1500 coins
Obtain 10,000 coins
Treat Yo Self! Treat Yo Self!
Spend over 500 coins on power ups
One of many One of many
Use each one time use power up at least once
The Sampler The Sampler
Try every power up in the game
Since 1903 Since 1903
Complete the Tutorial
Hidden Achievement
Gang Beasts! Gang Beasts!
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