PING 1.5+ Achievement List

You died! You died!
The first of many deaths.
World 2 Unlocked! World 2 Unlocked!
Good job! You beat the basic tutorial world!
World 3 Unlocked! World 3 Unlocked!
Now you’re getting somewhere.
World 4 Unlocked! World 4 Unlocked!
Yeah, okay.
World 5 Unlocked! World 5 Unlocked!
Even though things were hard to see at times, you managed to beat it!
World 6 Unlocked! World 6 Unlocked!
Congrats! Even your mom would be proud of you!
World 7 Unlocked! World 7 Unlocked!
Generic win message.
World 8 Unlocked! World 8 Unlocked!
You’ve made it to the final world!
World 9 Unlocked! World 9 Unlocked!
Oh wait, there is more? This isn’t your traditional retro game, now is it?
World 10 Unlocked! World 10 Unlocked!
Now you’re being “pointed” into the right direction!
World 11 Unlocked! World 11 Unlocked!
What if the game stopped after this world, after an odd number?
World 12 Unlocked! World 12 Unlocked!
You unlocked the final world. Praise be unto the cubes.
Achievement Achievement! Achievement Achievement!
You finally achieved an achievement in PING 1.5+™! Good job! Here is an achievement for achieving an achievement!
Boss 1 Defeated! Boss 1 Defeated!
The first step to an angular universe.
Boss 2 Defeated! Boss 2 Defeated!
Another one bites the dust.
Boss 3 Defeated! Boss 3 Defeated!
You really commanded that battle pretty well!
Boss 4 Defeated! Boss 4 Defeated!
You really are the bomb!
Boss 5 Defeated! Boss 5 Defeated!
That was a’maze’ing!
Boss 6 Defeated! Boss 6 Defeated!
Boss 7 Defeated! Boss 7 Defeated!
You really ‘alien’ated those enemies!
Boss 8 Defeated! Boss 8 Defeated!
You finally killed Master Sphere… or did you?
Boss 9 Defeated! Boss 9 Defeated!
Boss 10 Defeated! Boss 10 Defeated!
You stopped all bases from being taken.
Boss 11 Defeated! Boss 11 Defeated!
They were firing their lasers and you survived.
Boss 12 Defeated! Boss 12 Defeated!
That’ll do PING. That’ll do.
Over 4000 Bounces! Over 4000 Bounces!
Let’s bounce out of here.
Over 750 Shots! Over 750 Shots!
That’s a lot of shots! Go get a life!
1000 Deaths 1000 Deaths