Pineview Drive Achievement List

Arrival Arrival
Enter the property on Pineview Drive.
Strange sounds Strange sounds
Don’t get irritated by strange sounds.
Scarecrow Scarecrow
Don’t let the scarecrow get you.
A holy melody A holy melody
Find Linda’s bedroom.
Midnight Midnight
Get the machine to work.
No signal No signal
Turn off the TV
A Murder of Crows A Murder of Crows
Don’t be scared of birds.
Childhood memories Childhood memories
Don’t get misled by memories.
Under observation Under observation
Don’t let them watch you for too long.
Cuddly toy Cuddly toy
Have no fear of four-legged friends.
Empty stare Empty stare
Stare deeply into the void.
Mannequin Mannequin
Don’t let yourself be pursued.
Checkmate Checkmate
Finish the evil game.
Empty grave Empty grave
Find the truth.
There is no such number There is no such number
Find the phone.
A light in the distance A light in the distance
Discover the glimmer of light.
Salvation Salvation
Find the secret entrance.
Bloodbath Bloodbath
Survive the bloodbath.
Puppet Puppet
Find Linda’s puppet.
No circus performance No circus performance
Don’t get distracted by lifeless objects.