Pick a Hero Achievement List

Winning streak Winning streak
3 wins in a row, online only
Unstoppable! Unstoppable!
5 wins in a row, online only
Supreme Supreme
Defeat a hero while having full hp, online only
Cliffhanger Cliffhanger
Defeat a hero while having 1 hp, online only
Hard practice Hard practice
Get 5 kills with the dummies
Furry walls Furry walls
Fill the front row with bunnies, online only
Cock fight Cock fight
Kill a hero with the chicken, online only
Spawn master Spawn master
Fill both rows with minions
Expert survivor Expert survivor
Have a minion survive ten rounds, online only
Maraton Maraton
Win after the tenth turn-limit-damage, online only
Can't see the forest! Can’t see the forest!
Get three treemen on the front row, online only
Hidden Hidden
Find it’s secret place