Phantaruk Achievement List

No looking back No looking back
Finish the first level
Burn Burn
Get to the Bridge
Ashes to ashes Ashes to ashes
Burn the corpses
My hope My hope
Destroy your dreams
Doctor Doctor
Find every antidote in the game
Invisible Invisible
Finish every level (until Crematory) without being spoted by Phantaruk
Clean and Healthy Clean and Healthy
Finish the game without taking any damages
Surgeon Surgeon
Use antidote in the right way
Librarian Librarian
Find all the text-logs
True Librarian True Librarian
Find all the text-logs and text-scraps
Ninja Ninja
Finish the biomed section without being spotted by clones
Ghost Ghost
Finish the biomed2-2 section without being spotted by Phantaruk
Cat Cat
Finish the game without using the flashlight
Junkie Junkie
Use antidote 10 times
Hear it Hear it
Listen to all the audiologs
The Show The Show
Is he dead? Can he dream?
True Detective True Detective
All those notes and pictures…
Hypochondriac Hypochondriac
I need a bigger dose!
I, Human I, Human
I’m from Earth.
Perfect clone Perfect clone
I’m created.
Dwarf Dwarf
Be careful and slow.
Sprinter Sprinter
Run, clone, run!
The Roots The Roots
He managed to escape. He found a better way.