Pertinence Achievement List

Alloy Alloy
Permanently collect your first alloy.
The Power of Pulling The Power of Pulling
Gain the ability to pull.
The Power of Rotation The Power of Rotation
Gain the ability to rotate.
The Power of Throwing The Power of Throwing
Gain the ability to throw.
Risk Taker Risk Taker
Impermanently collect 5 alloy.
Cheater Cheater
More than you need. More than you need.
Permanently collect 30 alloy.
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Murder that poor monster.
Keyboard Repair Keyboard Repair
Repair your broken keyboard.
What have you done? What have you done?
Destroy something important.
Perfection Perfection
Collect every alloy ever.
So Sad So Sad
Die 100 times.
Explorer Explorer
Discover 50 rooms.
Where have you gone...? Where have you gone…?
Discover a strange room.