Perils of Man Achievement List

Escape the House! Escape the House!
Mom will be upset.
Ghost Investigator Ghost Investigator
Just a parlor trick…right?
An Ancient Challenge An Ancient Challenge
From a long-lost relation.
Fathers Gift Fathers Gift
He knew I’d be a scientist.
An Experiment Gone Wrong An Experiment Gone Wrong
I don’t think he’s a doctor.
Extinguisher Extinguisher
Surely that’s enough to save this place?
Gear Upgrade! Gear Upgrade!
A better Risk Atlas…but at what cost?
At Sea! At Sea!
Not the optimal way to see the world.
Darwins Triumph Darwins Triumph
Not Thomas needs me.
Animals Outsmarted Animals Outsmarted
Adorable risk averted.
Research Complete Research Complete
That should be enough data for Doctor Sato.
Thomas Eberling, saved! Thomas Eberling, saved!
He seems perfectly sane.
Father? Father?
Take off those sunglasses and talk to me.
The book is closed. The book is closed.
The Eberlings begin again.