PataNoir Achievement List

Detective Detective
Started a new game
Graduate Graduate
Completed the tutorial
Visitor Visitor
Arrived at The Baron’s mansion
Snake handler Snake handler
Entered the gardens
Intruder Intruder
Entered the apartment
Gambler Gambler
Arrived at the casino
Vacationer Vacationer
Arrived at the vacation house
Mountaineer Mountaineer
Drove up the mountain road
Firestarter Firestarter
Went out in a blaze of glory
Hard-boiled Hard-boiled
Solved the case
Feminist Feminist
Let Lisa go
Femme Fatale Femme Fatale
Lisa escaped punishment
Hard-ass Hard-ass
Lisa was arrested
Completionist Completionist
Reached all the endings
Murderer Murderer
Killed Allan Jameson
Informer Informer
Told The Baron about Lisa
Arrrrr Arrrrr
Talked to the pirate
Cinephile Cinephile
Watched the music video
Similes and semicolons Similes and semicolons
Got lost in the curves of a beautiful woman