Paranormal State: Poison Spring Collector’s Edition Achievement List

Santa Santa
Finish 3 Hidden Object scenes in a row without a hint.
Collector Collector
Find 20 wolves.
Clever Clever
Finish a minigame without skipping.
Master Master
Finish 3 minigames in a row without skipping.
Expert Expert
Finish a total of 10 minigames.
Patient Patient
Finishing a Hidden Object scene without a hint.
Electrician Electrician
Use the EMF meter.
Cameraman Cameraman
Use the CAM.
Perceptive Perceptive
Finish a Hidden Object scene in less than 3 minutes.
Quick Hands Quick Hands
Finish a Hidden Object scene in less than 1 minute.
Sound Engineer Sound Engineer
Use the EVP recorder.
Inquiring Inquiring
Complete the main story.
Huntsman Huntsman
Escape the haunted trailer.
Plumber Plumber
Escape the basement.
Craftsman Craftsman
Complete the Talking Stick.
Explorer Explorer
Discover the Old Zeb.
Archaeologist Archaeologist
Escape the excavation pit.
Voyager Voyager
Draw your own map.
Shaman Shaman
Enter the ritual cave.
Investigator Investigator
Finish a total of 10 Hidden Object scenes.