Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition Achievement List

Good Start Good Start
Complete a room without taking damage.
Pacifist Pacifist
Complete a room without attacking.
Bottom Feeder Bottom Feeder
Complete a floor without jumping.
Untouchable Untouchable
Complete a floor without taking damage.
Night Vision Night Vision
Survive a dark floor.
Sure Footing Sure Footing
Complete a hole floor without falling in.
Unsure Footing Unsure Footing
Fall into a hole in a hole floor.
Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh
Have 69 bombs.
Moneybags Moneybags
Have 1000 coin dollars.
Padded Padded
Have more armor than health.
Have 30 items at once.
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast
Beat any mode in under 15 minutes.
Tyrus Tyrus
Run out of superweapon ammo.
Addicted Addicted
Spend all your money gambling.
Not Even Worth It Not Even Worth It
Let a boss die to poison.
Chosen One Chosen One
Kill a Tenchi while it’s invisible.
Tough Guy Tough Guy
Kill 100 Gileads.
Genocidal Genocidal
Kill 1000 Jimbaabwehs.
Child Abuse Child Abuse
Kill Dahlia.
Progress Progress
Beat the second floor.
Nazi Hell Nazi Hell
Beat the fourth floor.
Nazi Killer Nazi Killer
Beat the sixth floor.
Victory! Victory!
Beat classic mode.
There's More? There’s More?
Figure out how to get to the 8th floor.
True Victory True Victory
Beat hardcore mode.
Tank Tank
Beat any mode with Tank.
Gilead Gilead
Beat any mode with Gilead
Bouncer Bouncer
Beat any mode with Bouncer
Gorton Gorton
Beat any mode with Gorton
Bowie Bowie
Beat any mode with David Bowie
Dynomite! Dynomite!
Beat any mode with Dynomite.
Picky Eater Picky Eater
Beat any mode without taking items.
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades
Beat Hardcore Mode with all 6 characters.
Serious Player Serious Player
Beat hardcore mode 10 times.
Heavy Hitter Heavy Hitter
Beat 4 floors in a row using only melee attacks.
Frugal Frugal
Beat hardcore mode without spending money.
Completionist Completionist
Beat hardcore mode having gone into every room.
Who ya gonna call? Who ya gonna call?
Get a ghost and survive the floor.
Redial Redial
Spawn two ghosts at once.
Twice The Fun Twice The Fun
Kill Dahlia after she spawns every set of enemies. Twice.
Too Easy Too Easy
Kill Dahlia without taking damage.
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Kill every boss.
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers
Get every item.
One Man Armory One Man Armory
Use every weapon.
Get every achievement.