Paper Train Traffic Achievement List

Newcomer Newcomer
Complete the first level
Machinist Machinist
Complete the tenth level
Mysterious Forest Mysterious Forest
Reach and travel through the forest
Cliffs and Balloons Cliffs and Balloons
Reach the castle on the high cliffs
Train Wreck Train Wreck
Witness the train falling into the depths
Harbour Station Harbour Station
Reach and load up on goods in the harbour
The Quarry The Quarry
Reach the quarry and load up on cargo
Unparalleled Perseverance Unparalleled Perseverance
Reach the vast cloudy mountains
Promising Greenhorn Promising Greenhorn
Accumulate 10 or more stars
Hidden Potential Hidden Potential
Accumulate 50 or more stars
Experienced Technician Experienced Technician
Accumulate 100 or more stars
Veteran Overseer Veteran Overseer
Accumulate 150 or more stars
Brilliant Intellect Brilliant Intellect
Accumulate 250 or more stars
True Genius True Genius
Accumulate 350 or more stars
Almighty Mastermind Almighty Mastermind
Accumulate 500 or more stars