Pan-Pan Achievement List

Finder Finder
Collect 1 fuel seed.
Collector Collector
Collect 10 fuel seeds.
Hoarder Hoarder
Collect 100 fuel seeds.
Battery Battery
Find the battery part needed to fix your broken ship.
Friend Friend
Hello world. Greet all creatures.
Foe Foe
Let the stick do the talking. Smack all creatures with the stick.
Explorer Explorer
Visit most of the places in the world.
Egg thief Egg thief
Steal an egg.
Progress Progress
Deliver a piece to the broken ship.
Endurance Endurance
Travel 10000 meter in the world.
Brute force Brute force
Smack a lot of stuff with the stick.
Fellow traveler? Fellow traveler?
Find the old crashed ship.
Beat the game.