Paint it Back Achievement List

Told You I'm an Artist Told You I’m an Artist
Demonstrate some artistic ability
Exhibitionist Exhibitionist
Paint 20 Normal pictures
Extremely Normal Extremely Normal
Paint 50 Normal pictures
Budding Professional Budding Professional
Paint 5 Pro pictures
Hardcore Professional Hardcore Professional
Paint 20 Pro pictures
Picking Up Speed Picking Up Speed
Win 3 timer ribbons
Fast and Pretty Fast and Pretty
Win 15 timer ribbons
Painted from Memory Painted from Memory
Win 10 no-X’s ribbons
X Marks the Weenies X Marks the Weenies
Paint 5 Quick Fix pics using no X’s
Logic Master Logic Master
Win 100 ribbons
I Can Do this Blindfolded I Can Do this Blindfolded
Paint 20 Quick Fix pics using no X’s
Attention for Retention Attention for Retention
Win 3 paint ribbons
Practical Painter Practical Painter
Win 15 paint ribbons
One Track Finger One Track Finger
Paint 1 Quick Fix pic without lifting your brush
Continuous Madness Continuous Madness
Paint 5 Quick Fix pics without lifting your brush
Minor Mix-Up Minor Mix-Up
Win 5 checkmark ribbons
Major Mix-Up Major Mix-Up
Win 25 checkmark ribbons
Surreal Superhero Surreal Superhero
Reopen the whole gallery
Basement Dweller Basement Dweller
Repaint all of The Archives
Master Master Master Master
Paint 25 Master pictures