Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Troll Trouble Troll Trouble
You defeated the Trolls.
Hidden Achievement
Prologue completion Prologue completion
You completed the prologue.
Back from the dead! Back from the dead!
Complete the prologue tutorial quest.
Hidden Achievement
Act 1 completion Act 1 completion
You completed Act 1.
Hidden Achievement
Act 2 completion Act 2 completion
You completed Act 2.
Hidden Achievement
Act 3 completion Act 3 completion
You completed Act 3.
Hidden Achievement
Forge Fixer Forge Fixer
You helped Ricket fix her forge.
Hidden Achievement
Party Crasher Party Crasher
You crashed the banquet.
Hidden Achievement
Evil Residents Evil Residents
You introduced the peasants to the zombies.
Hidden Achievement
Evil Found A Way Evil Found A Way
The plot thickens.
Game of Crowns Game of Crowns
Gain 100 crowns in-game through winning phases .
I have an army I have an army
Have 12 of your minions active at a given moment.
Die sheepies! Die sheepies!
Kill 50 sheep.
Coronation Coronation
Gain 100% of the crowns in one quest.
Weapon Collector Weapon Collector
Obtain all weapons for all characters.
Raucous Rabble Raucous Rabble
With four players, each summon at least 4 minions at the same time.
Paramedic Paramedic
Receive the healing effect of blue minions 500 times.
Silent Assassin Silent Assassin
Summon Green minions to assassinate 50 enemies
Red go boom Red go boom
Kill 100 enemies with explosive red minions.
Honour Guard Honour Guard
Kill 50 enemies with defensive brown minions.
Minion Novice Minion Novice
Summon minions 50 times.
Minion Adept Minion Adept
Summon minions 250 times .
Minion Master Minion Master
Summon minions 500 times .
Looter Looter
Receive loot from minions 250 times.
Speeding is illegal Speeding is illegal
Complete/win 100 traversal states within the time limit.
For me? For me?
Buy all of the upgrades for one minion colour.
Would-be-Overlord Would-be-Overlord
Buy all of the upgrades for all minion colours.
Growing strength Growing strength
Buy half of one character’s statue upgrades.
Peak of evil Peak of evil
Buy all of one character’s statue upgrades.
The four Horsemen The four Horsemen
Buy all statue upgrades for all four characters.
Suffer and burn! Suffer and burn!
Knock 20 enemies off the side of the world and into the abyss!
Hidden Achievement
The Abyss gazes back The Abyss gazes back
“Careful, we already lost one Overlord down there! I wonder what happened to him?” – Gnarl
Get by with a little help from your enemies Get by with a little help from your enemies
Complete any quest in online multiplayer, with at least one other player.
Evil will always triumph Evil will always triumph
Kill a “boss enemy” in a multiplayer game.
With friends like these... With friends like these…
Complete a quest in local co-op with at least 2 players present.
King of the Tower King of the Tower
Finish a quest in first place in multiplayer.
Hidden Achievement
Paladin Palaver Paladin Palaver
You defeated Cedric.
Hidden Achievement
Matriarch Masher Matriarch Masher
You defeated Clarisa.
Hidden Achievement
Void Vanquisher Void Vanquisher
You defeated the Void Gazer.
Hidden Achievement
That Damn Unicorn That Damn Unicorn
You defeated Sparkle.