OVERGRAVITY Achievement List

First Blood First Blood
kill your first enemy!
Headshot! Headshot!
kill 10 players
Boom! Boom!
kill 25 players
Target Acquired! Target Acquired!
kill 50 players
Fire thunder Fire thunder
kill 100 players
The king of the gun The king of the gun
kill 200 players
The god of the bullet The god of the bullet
kill 500 players
No one can beat me No one can beat me
kill 800 players
The serial killer The serial killer
kill 2000 players
Nobody is still alive Nobody is still alive
kill 5000 players
Curiosity Curiosity
reach 10 planets
The explorer The explorer
reach 100 planets
Ground lover Ground lover
reach 500 planets
Attracted by gravity Attracted by gravity
reach 1500 planets
Jumping on the planets! Jumping on the planets!
reach 6000 planets
The space probe The space probe
reach 10000 planets
Let's try! Let’s try!
try 5 different weapons
Variety Variety
try 7 different weapons
Weapons warehouse Weapons warehouse
try 9 different weapons
Wanna fight me? Wanna fight me?
try 11 different weapons
The great arsenal The great arsenal
try 13 different weapons
Oops! Oops!
get killed 30 times
I'm so bad at this game I’m so bad at this game
get killed 100 times
Fired! Fired!
get killed 500 times
The first time! The first time!
play a game
The beginner The beginner
play 5 games
Enlisted! Enlisted!
play 10 games
A true player A true player
play 25 games
Time is up! Time is up!
play 75 games
I'm everywhere I’m everywhere
play 250 games
From start to finish From start to finish
play 500 games
A new room! A new room!
create a new room
Let's play together! Let’s play together!
create 10 rooms
I'm the master I’m the master
create 100 rooms
Anyone in there? Anyone in there?
join a game
I'm always here! I’m always here!
join 50 games
Omnipresent Omnipresent
join 500 games
The first step The first step
reach level 1
Level up! Level up!
reach level 5
Soldier Soldier
reach level 10
Fighter Fighter
reach level 15
Who's next? Who’s next?
reach level 20
Against the gravity Against the gravity
reach level 25
Deaths, 30% off Deaths, 30% off
reach level 30
Ticking bomb Ticking bomb
reach level 35
To the top! To the top!
reach level 40
juggler juggler
reach level 45
In the middle In the middle
reach level 50
Hello, I'm the best. Hello, I’m the best.
reach level 60
Winner by default Winner by default
reach level 65
Masterpiece Masterpiece
reach level 70
Best day of my life! Best day of my life!
reach level 80
Gotta rule them all! Gotta rule them all!
reach level 90
The choosen One The choosen One
reach level 100
Some cartridges Some cartridges
shoot 100 bullets
Iron rain Iron rain
shoot 1000 bullets
Machine gun Machine gun
shoot 5000 bullets
Bullet storm Bullet storm
shoot 15000 bullets
No escape No escape
shoot 30000 bullets
Take that! Take that!
shoot 50000 bullets
The Fury The Fury
shoot 80000 bullets
A tour through the galaxies A tour through the galaxies
visit 5 different galaxies
he traveler he traveler
visit 25 different galaxies
A trip to nowhere A trip to nowhere
visit 70 different galaxies
I'm the alien! I’m the alien!
visit 150 different galaxies
Through the black hole Through the black hole
visit 250 different galaxies
The space probe 2.0 The space probe 2.0
visit 400 different galaxies
Ouch! Ouch!
inflict 250 damages points
It's just a scratch It’s just a scratch
inflict 1000 damages points
The pain doctor! The pain doctor!
inflict 3000 damages points
Blood everywhere Blood everywhere
inflict 10000 damages points
I hate full healths! I hate full healths!
inflict 20000 damages points
Atomic damage! Atomic damage!
inflict 50000 damages points
I played it! I played it!
play for 5 minutes
Thanks for your time! Thanks for your time!
play for 30 minutes
I have other things to do! I have other things to do!
play for 2 hours
Time is money Time is money
play for 4 hours
Another 5 minutes! Another 5 minutes!
play for 10 hours
Time to go to bed! Time to go to bed!
play for 14 hours
I need more! I need more!
play for 20 hours
Member of the team Member of the team
play for 30 hours
Through time and space! Through time and space!
play for 50 hours
Time has stopped! Time has stopped!
play for 100 hours