Othello Achievement List

Off to a good start Off to a good start
Beat the AI on “Beginner”
Taking it easy Taking it easy
Beat the AI on “Easy”
Medium Medium
Beat the AI on “Medium”
Harder than it sounds Harder than it sounds
Beat the AI on “Hard”
What's Harder than Hard? What’s Harder than Hard?
Beat the AI on “Harder”
Insane (potential future World-Champion) Insane (potential future World-Champion)
Beat the AI on “Hardest”
White always wins. White always wins.
Win as White at least 19.84 times.
Perfect Balance Perfect Balance
Tie a game
Hidden Achievement
Flipping out Flipping out
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
World Wide Othello World Wide Othello
Win your first online match
On a Roll On a Roll
Win 3 games in a row, online
Go easy on 'em Go easy on ’em
Win 5 games in a row, online
Seriously? Seriously?
Win 10 games in a row, online
Tough Love Tough Love
Win 15 games in a row, online
Nobody is Perfect Nobody is Perfect
Lose an online game
Mortal Conflict Mortal Conflict
Win your first game against a human opponent
Mess with the Best Mess with the Best
Beat a player who has the ‘Insane’ achievement
Flip-Six Flip-Six
Flip six tiles in one move.
Flip-Twelve Flip-Twelve
Flip twelve tiles in one move.
Flip-Eighteen Flip-Eighteen
Flip eighteen tiles in one move.