Ostrich Island Achievement List

Journey Begins Journey Begins
You completed the first island.
Straight to the gold! Straight to the gold!
You found a hidden bonus on the first island.
Skilled fisher Skilled fisher
You caught all the fish on the second island.
Full House Full House
You collected all available bonuses on Tiny Island.
Ostrich the Barbarian Ostrich the Barbarian
You destroyed an idol without using a super power.
Count on tree Count on tree
You solved the tree puzzle on the first island.
No Legs! No Legs!
You lowered a bridge without hitting it.
Network Restored! Network Restored!
You activated all portals on Island 4.
Work above everything Work above everything
You fixed the broken portal before having fun.
License to Egg License to Egg
You collected two eggs in the blink of an eye.
Triple Egg Chain! Triple Egg Chain!
You collected the third Egg in a split second.
Egg Collector Egg Collector
You have collected all eggs on some island.
Treasure Island Treasure Island
You found the Treasure Island.
Rare Egg Rare Egg
You haven’t seen such an Egg before.
Bring me the Egg Bring me the Egg
You unraveled the destiny of Giant Egg.
Dirty, dirty Ostrich Dirty, dirty Ostrich
You do like to play dirty, don’t you?
Mud Fish Mud Fish
You found a fish in a mud!
Palm Down Palm Down
You destroyed over 50 trees on some island!
Gourmet Gourmet
You found all the hidden food on island six.
Entomologist Entomologist
You caught 7 butterflies.
Grand Finale Grand Finale
You have finished the game.
Serious Intentions Serious Intentions
You survived on the cloud #11 for 5 minutes.
Goal! Goal!
You scored a goal while playing with mangos!
Labyrinth! Labyrinth!
You found the location of Labyrinth.
Statuette of Osrik Statuette of Osrik
You found Statuette of Osrik, uncle of Ostrich.
Statuette of Dedrik Statuette of Dedrik
You found Statuette of Dedrik, grandpa of Ostrich.
Statuette of Dagna Statuette of Dagna
You found Statuette of Dagna, niece of Ostrich.
Statuette of Egbert Statuette of Egbert
You found Statuette of Egbert, brother of Ostrich.
Statuette of Agmund Statuette of Agmund
You found Statuette of Agmund, cousin of Ostrich.
Statuette of Morgen Statuette of Morgen
You found Statuette of Morgen, father of Ostrich.
Statuette of Manfred Statuette of Manfred
You found Statuette of Manfred, nephew of Ostrich.
Statuette of Alarice Statuette of Alarice
You found Statuette of Alarice, aunt of Ostrich.
Statuette of Bathilda Statuette of Bathilda
You found Statuette of Bathilda, sister of Ostrich.
Statuette of Alda Statuette of Alda
You found Statuette of Alda, mother of Ostrich.
Vanessa the Doll Vanessa the Doll
You found a beautiful doll.
Santa's Hat Santa’s Hat
You found the Santa’s Hat.
Hat of See Dog Hat of See Dog
You found the Hat of Sea Dog.
Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat
You found the Cowboy Hat!
Green Hat Green Hat
You found the Green Hat.
Sunglasses Sunglasses
You found the Sunglasses.
White Hat White Hat
You found the White Hat.
Peaked Cap Peaked Cap
You found the Peaked Cap.
Strange Hat Strange Hat
You found the Strange Hat.
Elegant Hat Elegant Hat
You found the Elegant Hat.
Cork Hat Cork Hat
You found the Cork Hat
Bowler Hat Bowler Hat
You found the Bowler Hat
Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Head
It’s Halloween Time!
Heart Glasses Heart Glasses
You found the Heart-Shaped Glasses.
Domino Domino
You found the skin: Domino
Lizard Lizard
You found the skin: Lizard
Tiger Tiger
You found the skin: Tiger
Striped Striped
You found the skin: Striped
Black & White Black & White
You found the skin: Black & White
Cheetah Cheetah
You found the skin: Cheetah
Zebra Zebra
You found the skin: Zebra
Chicken Chicken
You found the skin: Chicken
Cow Cow
You found the skin: Cow
Bamboo Bamboo
You found the skin: Bamboo
Look Ma, a Camera! Look Ma, a Camera!
You found the Photo Camera.
I like to shoot things I like to shoot things
You took 50 photos.
The Crown The Crown
You are the King!
Egg Master Egg Master
You unlocked Egg Master skill.
Sharp Vision Sharp Vision
You unlocked Sharp Vision ability.
Fast Walker Fast Walker
You unlocked Fast Walker ability.
Jumper Jumper
You unlocked Jumper ability.
Heavy Hitter Heavy Hitter
You unlocked Heavy Hitter ability.
Score Collector Score Collector
You unlocked Score Collector ability.
Sprinter Sprinter
You unlocked Sprinter skill.
Brawler Brawler
You unlocked Brawler skill.
Eggs Converter Eggs Converter
You activated Eggs Converter.
Speedo Eggs Converter Speedo Eggs Converter
You increased Eggs Converter Speed.
Eggs Converter Superior Eggs Converter Superior
You increased Eggs Converter efficiency.
Water Control Device Water Control Device
You installed Water Control Device.
Apprentice Apprentice
You joined Workshop, created a skin and gifted it to Ostrich Island Community.
Master of Escape Master of Escape
You finished the Game+ mode.
Paparazzi Paparazzi
You completed the collection of beautiful Ostrich Island photos.
Ostrich Supremacy Ostrich Supremacy
You mastered Co-op mode and finished with higher score several times.
Half-Life Half-Life
You reached 50% mark on the way to the game mastery.
Ostrich The Great, The Master of Game Ostrich The Great, The Master of Game
You have discovered every nook and cranny of Ostrich Island. You are the Master of this game.
The City of Lost Chickens The City of Lost Chickens
You discovered The City Of Lost Chickens!
Bonemian Rapsody Bonemian Rapsody
You destroyed a small army of bony fiends by dropping a tree on it.
This is my Flock! This is my Flock!
You walked on a beach with at least 3 chicks.
Double Chicken Double Chicken
You sent home two chickens at once.
Birds gonna get angry Birds gonna get angry
You have scored a goal with a lobster. Birds gonna get angry.