Oriental Empires Achievement List

Settler Settler
Found a new settlement.
Colonist Colonist
Found five settlements.
Empire Builder Empire Builder
Found twelve settlements.
Fighter Fighter
Win a battle.
Warrior Warrior
Win a battle with at least eight units on each side.
General General
Win a battle with at least sixteen units on each side.
Great General Great General
Win a total of one thousand battles.
Killer Killer
Kill one thousand enemy soldiers in one game.
Butcher Butcher
Kill three thousand enemy soldiers in one game.
Besieger Besieger
Capture a city with a rammed earth or brick wall.
Trader Trader
Connect two of your settlements with a trade route.
Merchant Merchant
Have one thousand gold income per turn from trade.
Centurion Centurion
Reach turn 100.
Miner Miner
Upgrade a copper, gold or jade scrape to a mine.
Law Giver Law Giver
Issue an edict.
Sailor Sailor
Build a ship unit.
Captain Captain
Win a naval battle.
Admiral Admiral
Win a naval battle with at least four ships per side.
Farmer Farmer
Control one hundred hexes of farmland.
Prince Prince
Build a Royal Palace.
Peacock Peacock
Build a Summer Palace.
Mandarin Mandarin
Build a Famous Legalist School.
Buddhist Buddhist
Build a Famous Buddhist Temple.
Priest Priest
Build a Legendary Shrine.
Builder Builder
Upgrade a settlement to a large city.
Traveler Traveler
Have thirty different encounters in one game.
Overlord Overlord
Have three other factions as vassals.
Oppressor Oppressor
Conquer a settlement that has rebelled against you.
Hammer Hammer
Conquer ten settlements controlled by peasant rebels in one game.
Explorer Explorer
Start a custom game.
Phoenix Phoenix
Win the Grand Campaign scenario by a cultural victory using any faction.
Son Of Heaven Son Of Heaven
Win the Grand Campaign scenario by a Son of Heaven victory using any faction.
Dragon Dragon
Win the Grand Campaign scenario by a conquest victory using any farming faction.
Khan Khan
Win the Grand Campaign scenario by a conquest victory using any herding faction.
Tiger Tiger
Win three games of any type.
Horse Lord Horse Lord
Recruit fifty cavalry units in one game.
Master Master
Win the Grand Campaign scenario with every faction.
Thinker Thinker
Control a Famous Taoist Temple, a Famous Buddhist Temple, a Famous Confucian Temple, A Famous Legalist School, and a Famous Mohist School at the same time.
Competitor Competitor
Complete a multi-player game.