Orbital Gear Achievement List

Destroyer Destroyer
Destroy 100 buildings in Orbital Warfare
Obliterator Obliterator
Kill 500 Gears
Shield Shield
Shoot down 10 projectiles
Explosives Expert Explosives Expert
Kill 10 Gears with Mines
Barrier Barrier
Stop 50 projectiles with shields
Killer Killer
Get the most kills in a match
Support Support
Get the most assists in a match
Volt Bringer Volt Bringer
Hit two players with the same Discharger shot
Quantum Pusher Quantum Pusher
Hit two players with the same Gauntlet attack
Euthanasia Euthanasia
Knock an opponent out of the stage
Vendetta Vendetta
Kill the same player three times in a row
Death From Above Death From Above
Kill two Gears without landing