Operation Hardcore Achievement List

Just Warming Up Just Warming Up
Beat competition on easy difficulty
Adventurer Adventurer
Beat adventure mode on any difficulty
Hard as Nails! Hard as Nails!
Beat adventure mode on hard difficulty
Certified Badass Certified Badass
Beat competition mode on hardcore badass difficulty
Sleuthy Sleuthy
Find all secrets in adventure mode
1337 1337
Earn an extra life in the most esoteric of ways
City Folk City Folk
Clear the city
Forest Through The Trees Forest Through The Trees
Clear the forest
Uphill Battle Uphill Battle
Clear the cave
Spelunked Spelunked
Find the secret cave
Mountain Expedition Mountain Expedition
Clear the mountain
Ascent Into Madness Ascent Into Madness
Clear the ascent
Antiseptic Antiseptic
Clear the infected planet
Head In The Clouds Head In The Clouds
Find the infected planet secret
I Ship You Not I Ship You Not
Clear the alien ship
Shape Up Or Ship Out Shape Up Or Ship Out
Clear the alien ship boss
Shh... It's A Secret Shh… It’s A Secret
Find the super secret level
Tipsy Tipsy
Use 25 whiskeys
Life Of The Party Life Of The Party
Use 50 whiskeys
Smashed Smashed
Use 100 whiskeys
Rocket Scientist Rocket Scientist
Destroy all falling rockets before they hit the ground
Two's Company Two’s Company
Beat the game on co-op
Competition_Easy Competition_Easy
Beat competition on easy difficulty
Competition_Normal Competition_Normal
Beat competition mode on normal difficulty
Hard As Nails Hard As Nails
Beat competition mode on hard difficulty
Seasoned Seasoned
Beat competition mode on normal difficulty