Oozi: Earth Adventure Achievement List

Collector Collector
Score total of 100,000 points in story mode
Super Collector Super Collector
Score total of 200,000 points in story mode
Explorer Explorer
Find 10 secret stars
Super Explorer Super Explorer
Find 50 secret stars
Ultra Explorer Ultra Explorer
Find all 100 secret stars
100% Easy 100% Easy
Complete the game on easy difficulty or higher
100% Normal 100% Normal
Complete the game on normal difficulty or higher
100% Hardcore 100% Hardcore
Complete the game on hardcore difficulty
Challenge 10 Challenge 10
Beat 10 challenge levels
Challenge 22 Challenge 22
Beat 22 challenge levels
Challenge 44 Challenge 44
Beat all 44 challenge levels
Challenge mastery Challenge mastery
Complete all challenges with 3-star rank
Counterproductive Counterproductive
Complete an arcade level with 0-star rank
Arcade 5 Arcade 5
Complete 5 arcade levels
Arcade 10 Arcade 10
Complete 10 arcade levels
Arcade 20 Arcade 20
Complete all 20 arcade levels
Arcade mastery Arcade mastery
Complete all arcade levels with 3-star rank
First boss defeated First boss defeated
Beat the first boss
Second boss defeated Second boss defeated
Beat the second boss
Third boss defeated Third boss defeated
Beat the third boss
Final boss defeated Final boss defeated
Beat the final boss
Obsessive Collecting Disorder Obsessive Collecting Disorder
Complete a story level with perfect score
Speedrunner Speedrunner
Complete a story level in less than 5 minutes
Untouchable Untouchable
Complete a story level without taking any damage
Pacifist Pacifist
Complete a story level without killing any creature
Bomber Bomber
Kill 25 enemies using bombs
Living bullet Living bullet
Kill 10 enemies using another enemy
Multi kill Multi kill
Kill 5 enemies by bouncing from one to another
Deadly punch Deadly punch
Punch 100 enemies
Stomper Stomper
Kill 100 enemies using stomp
Death from above Death from above
Kill 10 enemies using a falling rock
1,000 stars 1,000 stars
Collect 1,000 stars
8,000 stars 8,000 stars
Collect 8,000 stars
15,000 stars 15,000 stars
Collect 15,000 stars