Ookibloks Achievement List

Getting Started Getting Started
Clear Chokki Beach
Complete a Daily Challenge Complete a Daily Challenge
Complete a single daily challenge
Ookiballs Triple Threat Ookiballs Triple Threat
Win three prizes in one game of Ooki Balls
Master Player Master Player
Earn an ‘S’ rank
Hermit Smasher Hermit Smasher
Clear the Hermit in Chokki Beach stage 3!
Perfect Parrot Perfect Parrot
Get the maximum chain possible on Chokki Beach stage 5
Squid Skipper Squid Skipper
Clear Hole in the Ground stage 2 without breaking the rock blocks
Thorough Miner Thorough Miner
Clear out all of the enemies in Hole in the Ground stage 6
Twinkle Tumble Twinkle Tumble
Clear Twinkle Bay stage 5 while only defeating two enemies
Bayside Bruiser Bayside Bruiser
Clear all the enemies in Twinkle Bay stage 7
Volcanic Ash Volcanic Ash
Clear Mount DoodeeDoo stage 1 while only destroying three rock blocks
Flaming Shroom Flaming Shroom
Clear Mount DooDeeDoo stage 2 without defeating the burning mushroom
Ghost Kitty Jam Ghost Kitty Jam
Get a perfect combo on Myoo stage 1
Kittypult Kittypult
Clear all the enemies in Myoo stage 3
Don't Eat Your Veggies Don’t Eat Your Veggies
Clear Mantangogo stage 1 without defeating any enemies
Perfect Porcini Perfect Porcini
Get a perfect combo on Matangogo stage 3
Lake and Tide Lake and Tide
Clear Lake ChiriChiri stage 6 with only two water changes
Herminator Herminator
Clear all of the hermits in Lake ChiriChiri stage 4
Frosty Fling Frosty Fling
Defeat the ghost kitty in stage 5 of the Frozen Wastes
Frozen Frenzy Frozen Frenzy
Clear Frozen Wastes stage 9 in under 40 seconds
Hani Hustle Hani Hustle
Clear Hani Hallow stage 3 with a perfect combo
Happy Hani Happy Hani
Clear Hani Hallow stage 7 without defeating any enemies