Oniken Achievement List

First Blood First Blood
Kill your first enemy.
Carnage Carnage
Kill 50 enemies.
Most Dangerous Most Dangerous
Kill 100 enemies.
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Kill 500 enemies.
Escape from L... the base Escape from L… the base
Cleared Mission 1
Battleship Battleship
Cleared Mission 2
Ice Climber Ice Climber
Cleared Mission 3
Forest Ranger Forest Ranger
Cleared Mission 4
City Hunter City Hunter
Cleared Mission 5
Death Force Death Force
Cleared Mission 6
No Death 1 No Death 1
Cleared Mission 1 without dying
No Death 2 No Death 2
Cleared Mission 2 without dying
No Death 3 No Death 3
Cleared Mission 3 without dying
No Death 4 No Death 4
Cleared Mission 4 without dying
No Death 5 No Death 5
Cleared Mission 5 without dying
No Death 6 No Death 6
Cleared Mission 6 without dying
Self Reference Self Reference
Find the secret on mission 1
Proto Thunder Proto Thunder
Find the secret on mission 2
Big Monkey Big Monkey
Find the secret on mission 3
Tcheco Tcheco
Find the secret on mission 4
Dyssonance Dyssonance
Find the secret on mission 5
Time Trial 1 Time Trial 1
Cleared Mission 1 in less than 2:30
Time Trial 2 Time Trial 2
Cleared Mission 2 in less than 3:00
Time Trial 3 Time Trial 3
Cleared Mission 3 in less than 2:30
Time Trial 4 Time Trial 4
Cleared Mission 4 in less than 3:40
Time Trial 5 Time Trial 5
Cleared Mission 5 in less than 5:00
Time Trial 6 Time Trial 6
Cleared Mission 6 in less than 5:10
Boss Rush Boss Rush
Cleared the Boss Rush mode
Secret Ending Secret Ending
Cleared the Hardcore Mode
Savior Savior
Rescued all prisoners in Special Mission 7
Never bring a gun to a sword fight. Never bring a gun to a sword fight.
Kill Hackan on Mission 5 only with your sword
Out There Somewhere Out There Somewhere
Find the secret on extra mission