One Troll Army Achievement List

Build Strawburg Build Strawburg
Complete all buildings and towers of the fortress.
Build Timberpost Build Timberpost
Upgrade all buildings and towers up to level 2.
Build Stonehold Build Stonehold
Upgrade all buildings and towers up to level 3.
Mercenary Army Mercenary Army
Hire 30 mercenaries.
Professionals Professionals
Upgrade goblins to the maximum level.
Armed to the teeth Armed to the teeth
Upgrade tower weapons to the maximum level.
Killer Killer
Kill 100 enemies.
Annihilator Annihilator
Kill 1000 enemies.
Money-lender Money-lender
Earn 10000 coins in total.
Tycoon Tycoon
Earn 10000 materials in total.
Ideal Ideal
Improve all troll skills to the maximum level.
Boss Destroyer Boss Destroyer
Kill the most powerful of the bosses.
Trader Trader
Spend 10000 gold on resources.
All quests All quests
Complete all remaining quests.
Survived Survived
Survive at least 20 waves without losses at the Survival mission.