One Last Day Achievement List

It's on fire It’s on fire
Burn a zombie with a molotov
Getting fat Getting fat
Eat 100 times
Saving the carrots Saving the carrots
Hunt 30 rabbits
Handy Handy
Craft 10 items
MacQuiver MacQuiver
Craft 500 items
Stinky Stinky
Taste the beans…
Junkman Junkman
Recycle 200 items
Boxbreaker Boxbreaker
Break 300 supplies boxes
Lumber Lumber
Cut 50 trees or logs
Turnip party Turnip party
Eat 69 turnips
Good aim Good aim
Headshot on 50 zombies
My first axe My first axe
Craft a stone axe
Worker Worker
Build and fill 50 wood supports