On the Rain-Slick: Precipice of Darkness – Episode Two Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Pervert Pervert
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Millionaire Millionaire
Collect one million dollars in cash.
Moving On Up Moving On Up
Find the key to the Riverbrook Apartments.
Arsonist Arsonist
Burn down the Riverbrook Apartments.
Endgame Endgame
Find a ticket to the World’s Fair.
Can't Nobody Hold You Down Can’t Nobody Hold You Down
Complete Episode Two.
Steel Cannibal Steel Cannibal
Fully upgrade all party members’ weapons.
Lab Assistant Lab Assistant
Complete all Bonus Missions.
Reluctant Hero Reluctant Hero
At the beginning of the episode, refuse to join Gabe and Tycho 5 times.
The Strength To Rule The Strength To Rule
Achieve level 30 with all party members.
Max out one party member’s hit counter.
Pack Rat Strikes Back Pack Rat Strikes Back
Only use items to win a fight. No attacks or counter attacks allowed.