Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee Achievement List

Spoocey! Spoocey!
Grab the first Spooce in the game.
Leave the Cave. Leave the Cave.
Exit Raisin’s Cave.
A bittersweet reunion? A bittersweet reunion?
Get all the Mudokons in the level accounted for (before they end up getting slaughtered by sligs).
Spooced Out Spooced Out
Beat Spooce-Shrub Forest
Fuzzle Test Success! Fuzzle Test Success!
Beat Fuzzle Test
Fluoride Tanks Fluoride Tanks
Complete the level
Don't snooze on the job Don’t snooze on the job
Complete the level
Too much death for my liking... Too much death for my liking…
Beat the Sloghut 1027
Escape the Fortress Escape the Fortress
Escape the Fortress
Sloghut Survivor Sloghut Survivor
Beat Sloghut 2813
Runner Runner
Beat the Paramite Run
Meep Harder Meep Harder
Beat the Meep Herder Village
Brewer's Yeesh Brewer’s Yeesh
Beat Brewery to Be
All Fueled Up All Fueled Up
Beat the Fuel Fields
Driven Crazy Driven Crazy
Beat Magog Motors
Cry me a River Cry me a River
Beat Dead River
Annoying Boils Annoying Boils
Beat the Boiler Room
Lulu will be pleased Lulu will be pleased
Beat Splinterz Manufacturing
Reserved Row Reserved Row
Beat Reservoir Row
I don't want no Scrubs... I don’t want no Scrubs…
Beat Flub Fuel’s Scrub Pens
The shareholders will be unhappy The shareholders will be unhappy
Beat the Flubo Executive Office
Done with Docking Done with Docking
Beat The Loading Dock
Suite-ness Suite-ness
Beat Vykker Suites (and the game!)
Very Spoocey! Very Spoocey!
Collect 250 (un-regenerated) Spooces
Super Spoocey! Super Spoocey!
Collect 600 (un-regenerated) Spooces
Ultra Spoocey! Ultra Spoocey!
Collect 1250 (un-regenerated) Spooces
Vat'll do it! Vat’ll do it!
Beat the Hydroponic Vats
A Muddy Escape A Muddy Escape
Beat No Muds Land
Great Egg-scape Great Egg-scape
Beat Labor Egg Storage
Not Mine Not Mine
Touch zero mines in Flouride Tanks
Archers at Dawn Archers at Dawn
Get 8 Mudarchers in Dead River
A Peaceful Death A Peaceful Death
Kill the Big Bro in his sleep in Splinterz Manufacturing
Wheelie Selfish Wheelie Selfish
Finish level 23 with less than 1%-79% Quarma
Zen and the art of wheelchair maintenance Zen and the art of wheelchair maintenance
Beat the game with 80%-99% Quarma
Riding High Riding High
Beat the game with 100% Quarma
We're Freeeeeee! We’re Freeeeeee!
Rescue all the Mudokons in the game
Demonic Demonic
Finish level 23 with 0% Quarma