Obscuritas Achievement List

Arrival Arrival
Start your journey.
Enter the property Enter the property
Enter the property of uncle Arthur.
Inside Inside
Solve the first quest.
Chaos Chaos
Find out what´s wrong in here.
Bodyswitch Bodyswitch
Feels like the wrong body.
Bookworm Bookworm
No time to read.
Mess. Mess.
Clean up the mess.
Enlightenment Enlightenment
Let there be light.
In the jungle In the jungle
Find a way out of the jungle.
Claw Claw
Be carefull with claws.
Cemetry Cemetry
Pass the cemetry.
No Power No Power
Get the power back.
Thrillride Thrillride
Survive the nightmare ride.
Funtime Funtime
No fun in the house.
Dolls in the house. Dolls in the house.
Don´t get stalked.
Get back. Get back.
Get back to reality.
Coursing Coursing
Run for your life!
Trapped Trapped
Stop it!
Transition Transition
Close the transition.
Awakening Awakening
Survive your nightmares.