Obludia Achievement List

First Blood First Blood
Slay your first enemy.
Chicken Hunter Chicken Hunter
Slay 20 chickens.
Samurai Samurai
Slay 100 monsters with blade.
Food Raider Food Raider
Eat 20 Hamburger.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Find 20 chest.
Best Friend Best Friend
Buy your first dog.
Hero Hero
Save 10 princess.
Bomberman Bomberman
Throw 50 dynamites.
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer
Slay 20 Devils.
Lord of the Obludia Lord of the Obludia
Complete the game.
Master of Dungeon Master of Dungeon
Complete World 1 – Dungeon of Doom
Tower Guardian Tower Guardian
Complete World 2 – Ancient Tower
Frozen King Frozen King
Complete World 3 – Frozen Island
Gatekeeper Gatekeeper
Complete World 4 – Hell Gate
President of the Galaxy President of the Galaxy
Complete World 5 – Space Ship
Bad Days Bad Days
Die 50 times
Titomosquito187 Statue Titomosquito187 Statue
Find the legendary golden monkey statue
Colonial Marine Colonial Marine
Destroy 50 Alien eggs
Morozko Morozko
Cast 50x Glacial Spike spell
Grill Master Grill Master
Cast 50x Ring of Fire spell
Cast 50x Lightning Strike spell
MadMax MadMax
Fire 100 Shotgun Shells
GhostBuster GhostBuster
Slay 30 Ghosts.
Exorcist Exorcist
Use 10x Holy Cross.
Find 1000 Coins.
MR. Awesome MR. Awesome
Complete the game on HARD mode.