Nusakana Achievement List

The Little Witch The Little Witch
Help Aslan and Angel meet each other to resolve their past promise.
Kilferni Patriot Kilferni Patriot
Achieve maximum affection with the Kilferns.
Syldarian Comrade Syldarian Comrade
Achieve maximum affection with the Syldarians.
Dedicated Porter Dedicated Porter
Achieve maximum affection with the Tourists.
Friend of the Native Friend of the Native
Achieve maximum affection with the Nusakanans.
Too Pure Too Pure
Refuse to participate on peeking the girls bathing at the waterfall.
Number #1 Rule: Men Only! Number #1 Rule: Men Only!
Bring a party member when peeking at the waterfall.
Number #2 Rule: Men only!! Number #2 Rule: Men only!!
Bring at least one adult party member when peeking at the onsen.
Number #3 Rule: Kids are not Delicious! Number #3 Rule: Kids are not Delicious!
Bring party member but no adults when peeking at the onsen.
Apprentice Peeking Master Apprentice Peeking Master
Successfully peek on the girls bathing at the the waterfall.
True Peeking of Master True Peeking of Master
Succesfully peek on the girls at the onsen.
Sword Master Sword Master
Learn all of the sword skills.
Silat Master Silat Master
Learn all of the knuckle skills.
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Learn all of the gun skills.
Knife Expert Knife Expert
Learn all of the knife skills.
All These All These “Matters”!
Store 99 brown matters in your inventory.
Bookworm Bookworm
Collect all the guide books.
Recorder of Legend Recorder of Legend
Complete the Encyclopedia.
Believe in Dreams Believe in Dreams
Help Riri against her brother.
Protect the Norms Protect the Norms
Don’t help Riri against her brother.
Le Gourmet de Foret Le Gourmet de Foret
Save Bondan all the time from his peril.
Ancient Wifi Ancient Wifi
Place all the beacons.
No Way I'll Lose! No Way I’ll Lose!
Defeat Hamune at your first encounter.
The Tree Homunculus The Tree Homunculus
Defeat Hamune.
Very Persistent Very Persistent
Defeat Garnishun at your first encounter.
The Ember Homunculus The Ember Homunculus
Defeat Garnishun.
The Drenching Homunculus The Drenching Homunculus
Defeat Hulhiru.
The Shocking Homunculus The Shocking Homunculus
Defeat Lyishtrik
The Shining Homunculus The Shining Homunculus
Defeat Cahayya
The Shady Homunculus The Shady Homunculus
Defeat Gelaf Ishkalie.
I can't...! I can’t…!
Defeat Brometheus.
Sea Voyager Sea Voyager
Visit all of the sea fishing locations.
Sea Serpent Sea Serpent
Catch the Oarfish.
Mmm... Caviar! Mmm… Caviar!
Catch the Beluga Sturgeon
Manta Ray! Manta Ray!
Caught a Manta Ray.
Unlimited Sword Works Unlimited Sword Works
Caught a Marlin.
Release a rare fish.
Really? Really?
Release a fish.
Caught One! Caught One!
Keep a fish.
Slayer of Deity Slayer of Deity
Defeat the Nightwalker.
To Honor Beliefs To Honor Beliefs
Appease the Nightwalker with the sajen.
Pervert Get You! Pervert Get You!
Defeat Genderuwo.
Vanquisher of Vengeance Vanquisher of Vengeance
Defeat the Umibozu.
Goodbye, Dreams of Despair Goodbye, Dreams of Despair
Defeat the Ahool.
Pig Be Food Pig Be Food
Defeat the Babi Ngepet.
Between Men Between Men
Defeat Rabboss.
Tiger King Tiger King
Defeat Barongsai.
Relaxing Hot Spring! Relaxing Hot Spring!
Unlock all of the hotspring scenes.
Embracer of the Sun Embracer of the Sun
Recruit Molamola to your party.
Prodigy of Mischief Prodigy of Mischief
Recruit Kat to your party.
Mark of Innocence Mark of Innocence
Recruit Mica to your party.
Poison of the Swamps Poison of the Swamps
Recruit Pipi to your party.
Child of Affection Child of Affection
Recruit Auria to your party.
Quencher of Knowledge Quencher of Knowledge
Recruit Delphi to your party.
Master of Aviation Master of Aviation
Recruit Flily to your party.
Hermit Who Holds Destruction Hermit Who Holds Destruction
Recruit Angel to your party.
Disaster Professional Disaster Professional
Recruit Eelia to your party.
Guardian of the Seas Guardian of the Seas
Recruit Orca to your party.
Protector of the Guardian Protector of the Guardian
Recruit Narwhal to your party.
Emperor of the Naval Blue Emperor of the Naval Blue
Recruit Mako to your party.
Swimmer of the World Swimmer of the World
Recruit Azul/Ruvio to your party.
Enigma Yet to Be Opened Enigma Yet to Be Opened
Recruit Coela to your party.
Epitome of Jealousy Epitome of Jealousy
Recruit Arwana to your party.
Vendor of Medication Vendor of Medication
Recruit Pai to your party.
Fighter of Challenges Fighter of Challenges
Recruit Sal to your party.
Princess of Deception Princess of Deception
Recruit Rain to your party.
Maiden of Devotion Maiden of Devotion
Recruit Gurami to your party.
With You under the Sun With You under the Sun
Molamola Max Affection.
Protect Me... Protect Me…
Mica Max Affection.
Don't Give Up Don’t Give Up
Kat Max Affection.
Hope Inside Oneself Hope Inside Oneself
Pipi Max Affection.
Too Early, Kid! Too Early, Kid!
Auria Max Affection.
Get Ready to Study! Get Ready to Study!
Delphi Max Affection.
Seeking Outside Seeking Outside
Eelia Max Affection.
Are You Old Enough...? Are You Old Enough…?
Angel Max Affection.
Till Time Join Us Together Till Time Join Us Together
Flily Max Affection
My Best and Only Partner My Best and Only Partner
Pai Max Affection.
Open Wholeheartedly Open Wholeheartedly
Arwana Max Affection.
Do You Remember Love? Do You Remember Love?
Sal Max Affection.
Savior of Heart Savior of Heart
Rain Max Affection.
Wild Heart Wild Heart
Gurami Max Affection.
Mission Success! Mission Success!
Orca Max Affection.
Irony from the Bottom Irony from the Bottom
Narwhal Max Affection.
There's No Such Thing as Prefer Both There’s No Such Thing as Prefer Both
Azul / Ruvio Max Affection.
Melting Heart Melting Heart
Mako Max Affection.
Secret-zoned Secret-zoned
Coela Max Affection.
Gourmet Star Gourmet Star
Attain Molamola’s Ending.
Sea of the Stars Sea of the Stars
Attain Mica’s Ending.
The Master of Mischief Returns! The Master of Mischief Returns!
Attain Kat’s Ending.
Unexpected Transformation Unexpected Transformation
Attain Pipi’s Ending.
Anything for Chu~! Anything for Chu~!
Attain Auria’s Ending.
The Professor The Professor
Attain Delphi’s Ending.
Troupe de Magique Troupe de Magique
Attain Eelia’s Ending.
The Hero and Who He Cherishes The Hero and Who He Cherishes
Attain Angel’s Ending.
Flying! Flying!
Attain Flily’s Ending.
Conquer the World! Conquer the World!
Attain Pai’s Ending.
Fisherman Life Fisherman Life
Attain Arwana’s Ending.
Resistance is Futile Resistance is Futile
Attain Sal’s Ending.
Legend of Adventure Legend of Adventure
Attain Rain’s Ending.
Slice of Life Slice of Life
Attain Gurami’s Ending.
A Family Life A Family Life
Attain Orca’s Ending.
Happily Ever After Happily Ever After
Attain Narwhal’s Ending.
Good ol' Times Good ol’ Times
Attain Azul / Ruvio’s Ending.
Lifeguard as Usual Lifeguard as Usual
Attain Mako’s Ending.
The One Behind the Letters The One Behind the Letters
Attain Coela’s Ending.
Ancient Regicide Ancient Regicide
Finish off the Elvan Empress.
Savior From The Future Savior From The Future
Defeat the Elvan Armor and save the Elvan Empress.
Friends Forever Friends Forever
Achieve high enough affection with most of the maidens in one playthrough.
Holiday Over Holiday Over
Leave Nusakana without memorable adventures.
Gun Nuts Gun Nuts
Collect all guns available.
Knife Connoiseur Knife Connoiseur
Collect all knives available.
Blade Appraiser Blade Appraiser
Collect all swords available.
Mitten Master Mitten Master
Collect all knuckles available.
Blacksmith Catalogues Blacksmith Catalogues
Craft all gears from Havel.
Food Aficionado Food Aficionado
Craft all available foods.
Did She Know About This? Did She Know About This?
Collect 99 Mangoes.
Bomberman Bomberman
Collect all bomb types.
Weather Controller Weather Controller
Learn all weather magics.
The Wizard The Wizard
Learn all available magics.
The Explorer The Explorer
Explore all the island zones.
Duke Oil Duke Oil
Accumulate 200,000 Sh.
Prince Oil Prince Oil
Accumulate 500,000 Sh.
King Oil King Oil
Accumulate 900,000 Sh.
Dumplings Master Dumplings Master
Catch 99 Tenggiris.
Lucky Sultan Lucky Sultan
Catch 88 Lou Hans.
Sturgeon Don Sturgeon Don
Catch 99 Sturgeons.
Leviathan Boss Leviathan Boss
Catch 99 Oarfishes.
Ayy Lmao Ayy Lmao
Catch 99 Paris.
Tsar of Caviar Tsar of Caviar
Have 99 caviars in your inventory.
Master Fisherman Master Fisherman
Catch all species of fish.
Freshwater Expert Freshwater Expert
Catch all freshwater fishes.
Saltwater Expert Saltwater Expert
Catch all saltwater fishes.
Brometheus Wannabe Brometheus Wannabe
Equip sunglasses and nusakanan aloha shirt at the same time.
Status Quo Status Quo
Heed Gurami’s advice and don’t enter the gate.
Full House Full House
Recruit all of the maidens.
Hide and Seek Master Hide and Seek Master
Win the hide and seek game with Mica and her friends.
Hide and Escape...? Hide and Escape…?
Leave Mica and her friends while playing hide and seek with them.
Quiz Master Quiz Master
Beat Kat’s quiz on the first try.
You aren't Bright Enough You aren’t Bright Enough
Fail at Kat’s quiz.
Soldier's Souls Soldier’s Souls
Let the hold out soldier escape from the villagers’ anger.
Justice is Justice Justice is Justice
Let the hold out soldier get beaten and captured by the villagers.
True Fighter True Fighter
Beat Sal at the duel barehanded.
Are you Okay? Are you Okay?
Get beaten by Sal at the duel.
Search and Rescue Search and Rescue
Finish the Missing Chief I.
Search and Rescue Again... Search and Rescue Again…
Finish the Missing Chief II.
Search and Rescue for The Last Time... Search and Rescue for The Last Time…
Finish the Missing Chief III.
Mood Breaker Mood Breaker
Have Mako disrupt you in your adventure to the Evermist Trench with Brometheus.
You Again, Pleb! You Again, Pleb!
Have met Mako before she kidnap Delphi.
Child Guardian? Child Guardian?
Camp together with Pipi, Kat, and Mica.
Mystery of the Fowl Crisis Incident Mystery of the Fowl Crisis Incident
Have a mention about this incident.
Awkward Travel Awkward Travel
Have Narwhal, Pipi, and Angel in your party.
The Cupid The Cupid
Give him something more sane instead of that stupid gift.
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker
Give the dude what he wants…
Light the Way to Nusakana Light the Way to Nusakana
Fix the Lighthouse of Lighthouse Island.
False Alarm False Alarm
Meet Arinka’s family.
Money Above All Else Money Above All Else
Let the smuggler have the rhino horn.
Nature Preserver Nature Preserver
Report the smuggler to the village.
Happy New Year 1952 Happy New Year 1952
Reach the year 1952.
The Cost of One's Power The Cost of One’s Power
Achieve True Ending in Easy Mode.
Leisure Holiday Leisure Holiday
Clear the game in Easy Mode.
Memorable Holiday Memorable Holiday
Clear the game in Normal Mode.
Classic Recipe Classic Recipe
Clear the game in Classic Mode.
Masochistic Masochistic
Clear the game in Extreme Mode.
You Only Live Once You Only Live Once
Unfortunately end your adventure in Extreme Mode.
Triangle Hearts Triangle Hearts
Attain the special ending of two sisters.
Triangle Hearts Plus Triangle Hearts Plus
Attain the special ending of two sisters with their mother safe.