Notrium Achievement List

Escape from Notrium Escape from Notrium
Repair the escape pod.
Alien Queen Alien Queen
Destroy the alien queens.
Phone Home Phone Home
Repair the radio.
The Riddle The Riddle
Solve the mysterious paper.
Megacorporation Megacorporation
Capture the corporation mothership.
Green Ruler Green Ruler
Conquer the Planetoid.
Still Alive Still Alive
Survive for 25 days.
Survivor Survivor
Survive for 50 days.
Tougher than Steel Tougher than Steel
Survive for 75 days.
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing
Survive for 100 days.
Hunter Hunter
Hunt down 100 aliens.
Murderous Frenzy Murderous Frenzy
Kill 200 monsters.
Hidden Achievement
Mortal Mortal
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Destroyer Destroyer
Destroy 300 enemies.